New web store: Gladiator Sandal Boutique

Time to roll out another new site:


The Gladiator Sandal Boutique sells women’s gladiator sandals in all shapes, sizes, and colors… everything from flat gladiator sandals to knee-high platform gladiator sandals.  Plenty of different brands to choose from.  You know the drill by now… done in association with, in an effort to organize their merchandise in this niche into a more attractive and user-friendly storefront. Amazon handles the payment and shipping, so you’re protected by their world-class secure checkout and return policies. I never see your name or credit card number; I only see a report that items were ordered and how much commission I earned.

This is the latest in my series of niche Amazon websites that all started with the Tube Top Boutique.  I have two more in development, so look for more stores soon.