Dumb question. Also: Kooky Canuck Canada Day, Sauces’ new lunch menu

I got asked a dumb question the other day.  I was telling someone that a week and a day from today, Sunday, June 28, I have a wedding to attend at the Cadre Building at 4 PM.

“So I guess you won’t be going to the Saucer like you usually do on Sundays, huh,” was the response.

Okay.  Let’s think about this.  The wedding is at FOUR.  The Saucer opens at NOON.  Both locations are less than a 5 minute walk from my front door.  Why wouldn’t I go to the Saucer?

Well, actually there may be one reason, but it has nothing to do with the wedding.  The 28th is Kooky Canuck’s Canada Day celebration.  They’ll have $3 34 oz. Molson, $2 Black Velvet ‘Canadian Whiskey’ shots, $3 Bloody Caesar shots, $12.99 Candian Burgers with Poutine and a Nainamo Bar, and $4.99 Montreal Steamie all dressed (mustard, onion, cabbage, and cayenne over the top) with fries.  I remember hanging out at Canada Day with Pete last year (not Pete the Trivia Guy, but Pete who I routinely beat at pool) and having a great time.  So it’s possible I may go there pre-wedding rather than the Saucer.  Then again, if I go to the Saucer I don’t have to put up with Meghan.

In other news: Sauces rolls out its new lunch menu Monday.  So if you work Downtown, you may want to make that part of your plans.

Ladies, tonight is a great night to wear a tube top.  It’ll get you in free at the Saucer, and will get you free Bud Light draft all night at the Voodoo Room.  Don’t forget, I’ll be judging a “best tube top” contest for a $50 certificate at Voodoo/Orleans on Front.  Not sure what time, but probably the contest will happen between midnight and 1 AM.

Busy night… got a party at the Saucer at 6.  Then at 9 I have ANOTHER party at the Saucer… it’s bartender Marci’s going -away party.  Dammit, if one of the bartenders is going to have a going-away party, why can’t it be Brittney?  I’ll hang out with them for an hour, then head to the Voodoo Room about 10.  I’m trying to encourage Marci’s party guests to wear tube tops and come to Voodoo at some point in the evening.

Got to go run errands… I’ll be in front of the computer most of the afternoon, so there may be another post.