Attn Peabody rooftop party bands: Possible song request

Last Thursday I rode the elevator up to the Peabody rooftop party, and as I strolled through the crowd, who did I see in the VIP section but Meghan from Kooky Canuck.

Meghan?  REALLY?  Meghan shouldn’t even be a VIP at the $29.95 King’s Court Motel down the street, much less the Peabody.  I guess the hotel let her in because she had a tube top dress on, in honor of Tube Top Month.  They also had to waive the rule about not allowing animals on the roof.

So I have a request for bands playing future Peabody rooftop parties:  If you look over at the VIP section and see Meghan, I request that you play “Jump” by Van Halen.  Maybe it will give her an idea.