Contest announcement, and two good reasons to go to Sole for brunch

First of all, I want to give everyone advance notice:  I’m going to run a contest here.  Contest will be posted Tuesday at 10 AM, with the winner to receive a beer on my tab at the Saucer.  You’ll need to be able to fax the entry to me at my eFax number (most likely an out of town call) or scan or digitally photograph the entry form and e-mail it to me.  First one to complete it correctly and get it back to me wins.  So check the blog at 10 AM Tuesday.

Now, on to the news:  I slept through brunch again today, but a few of my friends went to Sole in the Westin Hotel.  They said the food was outstanding (the ham & cheese omelet was raved about in particular).  Also, they told me that Melissa bartends at Sole for Sunday brunch.  I know several Melissas who work in the service industry Downtown, so I asked a question to clarify.  “You mean Melissa with the fantastic rack?”  Hang on, let me post a pic of Melissa.


I’m told she’s out of town next Sunday, but starting the Sunday after that, I think I may have to start doing brunch at Sole.