Wed update: Draft at Calhoun’s, random stuff, hot sauce, Wolf Bar, The Port and more

Another hot day. Memphis officially hit 100 for the first time this year yesterday. Today’s predicted high is a cool 95.

Calhoun’s e-mailed to let everyone know that they’ll have the NBA Draft tomorrow night on their big screen on the patio. They’ll also have three fans out there to try and cool everyone off. Hmmm… high 97 tomorrow… I’ll probably skip the Peabody rooftop party and watch the draft somewhere. This is gonna be an interesting one because no one has any idea what the Grizzlies are going to do… plus I want to see who drafts Tyreke.

Random quotes I saved in my “to blog” notes on my phone:

“I would not count my biscuits before they get brown” – Terry

“Nobody wins when headbutting is involved” – Sam

Random song stuck in my head this morning: Well Respected Man by The Kinks. Hmmm that would make a good theme song for Ptolemy… I’ll suggest it to Kat or Amanda next time I see them.

Attn Melissa from Sole: More tube top pics of you have been requested by my readers.

Last Sunday I had a couple of Bloody Marys at the make-your-own bar at the Silly Goose. They seem to have a different hot sauce every week… last Sunday they had Mike Ditka brand hot sauce. You know who they ought to partner with? A. Schwab on Beale. A. Schwab has about 40 different hot sauces… maybe the Goose could strike a deal to get some of those sauces on the Bloody Mary bar in exchange for publicity that you can buy them at Schwab. Just an idea…

Earlier this week I was told about a bar called the Wolf Bar that was a little before my time, but it sounds like it was awesome. It was in the current American Apparel space at Main and G.E. Patterson in the mid-1980s. I was told they sold PBR, Falstaff, Schlitz, Old Milwaukee, Old Style, and Blatz 40s for $3 each, and they gave you brown paper bags to put them in. Sounds perfect! Somebody bring back the Wolf Bar!

Another bar I want to try is The Port on Presidents Island, profiled in the CA today. It’s a neighborhood bar without a neighborhood and sounds like fun, a place to meet people from all walks of life. Only open on weekdays, though, and closes at 8. Maybe I could ride my bike down there and have a couple of beers one night before closing time. I think the owner’s daughter took my Computer Literacy class at the U of M 1999ish or so.

The Flying Saucer has a Twitter account at #FlyingSaucerMEM, but they don’t seem to be updating it on a regular basis. When they do update it, though, it’s a good source of info about the Fire Sale, bands that are playing, glass night, etc.

It’s Wednesday… about 50/50 on whether I’m going to do WTF Wednesday at the Red Rooster with 25 cent PBR/Miller Lite and bar games. Got some website work to do when I get home, so I probably won’t be out until about 7.