Tube top wedding dress hottie

Congratulations to my friends Chris and Katie, who got married yesterday at the Cadre Building.  Since it was June, Katie went with a tube top wedding dress.  Good choice!


The Cadre was a beautiful venue, perfect for a combination wedding and reception.  Here are a few pics of the facility:


Guests wait to go through the receiving line


We enjoyed booze and finger food on the mezzanine while the wedding party took photos.


The reception area, as viewed from the mezzanine.

And now, the usual pics of us eating and drinking:


I guess just this once I’ll be nice and post a pic of the Nuh-Uh Girl NOT eating.


Chris and Katie had their guests seated at tables named after significant experiences they’ve had together with their friends.  Stephanie holds up the “Rapscallions” sign.


Best man Imran toasts the happy couple.


The flower vase at our table provided lots of entertainment.


Me with the bride

Absolutely a fantastic wedding.  They had a cute “wedding gazette” that told the guests about experiences Chris and Katie had together.  Food was great.  Toasts and tributes by the wedding party were excellent.  Full photo album here.

Woke up with 101.8 fever this morning, called in, chugged NyQuil, fell back asleep.  I feel better now.