Mon update: Shrimp boil at Calhoun’s, Wicked ticket lottery

Ughhh… I’d hoped for some relief from the heat, but I just checked the Weather Channel’s 10 day forecast and the lowest high temperature was 96. Both Saturday and Sunday of this coming weekend show predicted highs of 101. Ladies, this is definitely a good week to stay cool by putting on a tube top when you go out.

I finally made it to Calhoun’s for their Sunday night shrimp boil last night. It was quite good. For $9 I got a half pound of spicy boiled shrimp, several big pieces of sausage, a couple of taters, corn on the cob, butter dipping sauce, and cocktail sauce. Definitely worth the money. I got there not long after 6 but the shrimp weren’t ready until 7:30… in the meantime, I played Buzztime Poker against the bots that play when no human players are on the channel. The bots aren’t very good. By the time my shrimp came, I had made the weekly and monthly high score list. I wish I could find real players like that on PokerStars.

This week is the beginning of Wicked‘s run at the Orpheum from June 24 to July 12. There will be a day-of-performance lottery for tickets each day. 2 1/2 hours prior to showtime, people who show up at the Orpheum’s box office will have their names placed in a lottery drum. Then 30 minutes later, names will be drawn, and each winner will have the option to purchase 1 or 2 orchestra seats at $25 each, until all 20 seats put up for lottery have been sold. So if the performance begins at 7:30, you’d want to be at the box office at 5 to get your name in the lottery.

Back to the weather… high 99 Friday, low 78. Trolley Tour may very well SUCK if it’s that hot. I have a feeling I may spend more time in the shops and galleries and less time outside than usual. I blogged earlier that the Music Resource Center is having its first birthday party that night, to coincide with trolley tour… hmmm they have air conditioning. May meet a lot of musicians that night.

High 101, low 80 Saturday… that likely would have been the night for my TubeTopalooza II rooftop party, if a few circumstances hadn’t forced me to postpone it. Looks like postponing it turned out to be a great move.

It’s Monday but at least I have Pint Nite to look forward to.  I have a business meeting at the Saucer at 5:30 but will undoubtedly stick around after it’s over for more beer.

Contest announcement, and two good reasons to go to Sole for brunch

First of all, I want to give everyone advance notice:  I’m going to run a contest here.  Contest will be posted Tuesday at 10 AM, with the winner to receive a beer on my tab at the Saucer.  You’ll need to be able to fax the entry to me at my eFax number (most likely an out of town call) or scan or digitally photograph the entry form and e-mail it to me.  First one to complete it correctly and get it back to me wins.  So check the blog at 10 AM Tuesday.

Now, on to the news:  I slept through brunch again today, but a few of my friends went to Sole in the Westin Hotel.  They said the food was outstanding (the ham & cheese omelet was raved about in particular).  Also, they told me that Melissa bartends at Sole for Sunday brunch.  I know several Melissas who work in the service industry Downtown, so I asked a question to clarify.  “You mean Melissa with the fantastic rack?”  Hang on, let me post a pic of Melissa.


I’m told she’s out of town next Sunday, but starting the Sunday after that, I think I may have to start doing brunch at Sole.

Attn Peabody rooftop party bands: Possible song request

Last Thursday I rode the elevator up to the Peabody rooftop party, and as I strolled through the crowd, who did I see in the VIP section but Meghan from Kooky Canuck.

Meghan?  REALLY?  Meghan shouldn’t even be a VIP at the $29.95 King’s Court Motel down the street, much less the Peabody.  I guess the hotel let her in because she had a tube top dress on, in honor of Tube Top Month.  They also had to waive the rule about not allowing animals on the roof.

So I have a request for bands playing future Peabody rooftop parties:  If you look over at the VIP section and see Meghan, I request that you play “Jump” by Van Halen.  Maybe it will give her an idea.

Majestic Grille brunch specials

This is last minute but I just got these – specials at the Majestic Grille for Father’s Day:

Summer Corn and Bacon Chowder $3 cup/$5 bowl

Panko Crusted Tilapia with buttered green beans and jasmine rice $18

Roasted Loin of Pork with creole mustard, potato and andouille sausage hash $18

Surf & Turf Benedict – Petit ribeye on English muffin topped with Hollandaise and lump crab $23

The US Open will be on the big screen.

Call 522-8555 to see if they have room for you… they serve brunch until 3.

Ladies, you can make dads around the world happy today by wearing a tube top.

Dumb question. Also: Kooky Canuck Canada Day, Sauces’ new lunch menu

I got asked a dumb question the other day.  I was telling someone that a week and a day from today, Sunday, June 28, I have a wedding to attend at the Cadre Building at 4 PM.

“So I guess you won’t be going to the Saucer like you usually do on Sundays, huh,” was the response.

Okay.  Let’s think about this.  The wedding is at FOUR.  The Saucer opens at NOON.  Both locations are less than a 5 minute walk from my front door.  Why wouldn’t I go to the Saucer?

Well, actually there may be one reason, but it has nothing to do with the wedding.  The 28th is Kooky Canuck’s Canada Day celebration.  They’ll have $3 34 oz. Molson, $2 Black Velvet ‘Canadian Whiskey’ shots, $3 Bloody Caesar shots, $12.99 Candian Burgers with Poutine and a Nainamo Bar, and $4.99 Montreal Steamie all dressed (mustard, onion, cabbage, and cayenne over the top) with fries.  I remember hanging out at Canada Day with Pete last year (not Pete the Trivia Guy, but Pete who I routinely beat at pool) and having a great time.  So it’s possible I may go there pre-wedding rather than the Saucer.  Then again, if I go to the Saucer I don’t have to put up with Meghan.

In other news: Sauces rolls out its new lunch menu Monday.  So if you work Downtown, you may want to make that part of your plans.

Ladies, tonight is a great night to wear a tube top.  It’ll get you in free at the Saucer, and will get you free Bud Light draft all night at the Voodoo Room.  Don’t forget, I’ll be judging a “best tube top” contest for a $50 certificate at Voodoo/Orleans on Front.  Not sure what time, but probably the contest will happen between midnight and 1 AM.

Busy night… got a party at the Saucer at 6.  Then at 9 I have ANOTHER party at the Saucer… it’s bartender Marci’s going -away party.  Dammit, if one of the bartenders is going to have a going-away party, why can’t it be Brittney?  I’ll hang out with them for an hour, then head to the Voodoo Room about 10.  I’m trying to encourage Marci’s party guests to wear tube tops and come to Voodoo at some point in the evening.

Got to go run errands… I’ll be in front of the computer most of the afternoon, so there may be another post.

Friday update

Lots of news today. I’m starting this post in the morning before work, but I have so much stuff that I’m probably going to have to save it to Drafts and finish it at lunchtime.

The South Main Association had their Main Street cleanup scheduled for last Saturday, but postponed it after storms blew through the night before. So they’re going to try again this Saturday, June 20. If you want to help, meet up at the trolley stop at Main and Huling at 8:30 AM. Work tools, water, and energy bars will be provided.

Sole Restaurant in the Westin Hotel has a fish monger on site every Saturday, so you can stop by and buy fresh fish. This week’s specials include mahi mahi, Scottish salmon, artisian oysters, Hawaiian blue prawns, and house-made lobster stock. Also, if you bring your father to Sole for Father’s Day, Dad’s first drink is on them. 901-334-5950 to make reservations.

The Center for Southern Folklore’s Taylor Made exhibit, featuring the audio and video work of Rev. L.O. Taylor, is now online here. Also on their website, you can buy a FolkPass which gives you exclusive access to online content and to artists at CSF events. It’s especially nice to have during their annual music festival on Labor Day weekend.

There will be a water fight in Overton Park tomorrow, Saturday, June 20, from 2 to 5 PM. The Facebook invite I got said, “Bring your waterguns, water balloons, and recycled milk jugs filled with water to Overton Park and WE DO BATTLE!” It’s part of the Flyer’s “Get Memphis Moving” campaign. Although I’m normally a fan of tube tops, I suggest white T-shirts as the attire for ladies for this one.

In the CA: a “Meet the Chef” article featuring Keith Bambrick, sous chef at McEwen’s.

Also in the CA: A man in Court Square was arrested for exposing and fondling himself on a park bench in Court Square. However, he told police that they had it all wrong – all he was doing was “giving his penis some air.”

MIFA desperately needs volunteers to help with a crisis. Many of the people they serve had all their food go bad when last Friday’s storm knocked power out. MIFA Meals will be preparing backs of shelf-stable food for 300-600 people next week, and needs all the volunteers they can to help with pack-out. If you have spare time any day next week between 8:30 AM and 2 PM, please stop by to help. No appointment or scheduling is necessary – just come on by. More info here.

Fox and Hound Cordova is having their Summer Bash Saturday. DJ Jacob Flowers will be spinning from 6 to 9 PM. Maybe I’ll bring my buddies Curtis, Willie, Herbert, Henry, Tommy, Estes and Melvin out there to see him. Does the Fox normally have valet parking? Because even if they don’t, they will Saturday if I bring Melvin.

In addition to the Peabody, my night last night included the Peabody Place block party, the Silly Goose, four(!) visits to the Saucer, and finally the Rooster. When I tired out at 12:45 they still hadn’t announced the “Chicklette of the Year” winner. My friend Ruchee had on this SMOKIN HOT low-cut blue dress. If she didn’t win, she was robbed.

Last night at the Saucer, I saw a guy walking around in a blue T-shirt that read, “TEAM PASTNER.” I want one. Wonder if the Tiger Bookstore sells them.

Don’t forget that there’s a toga party tonight before the showing of Animal House at the Orpheum at 7:15. The Saucer is glomming onto the promotion, according to manager Terry, and offering free cover to those who show up in togas tonight.

Not sure what I’ll end up doing tonight.  May just rest up for tomorrow, which will be a big night.

Hot Thursday party night… good night to show off those tube tops

Lots to do tonight. Let’s take a look at what’s going on…

The Main/Peabody Place block party is tonight, with live music by 2 bands and specials by many of the stores and restaurants within that block. Complete list of specials can be found here. Block party is from 5:30 to 7:30 PM. Ladies, it’s going to be an extremely hot day, so a tube top would be an excellent choice of attire to keep cool.

What to do after the block party ends? Well, there are two rooftop parties going on. Rusty Lemon with the Carolina Liars play the Peabody rooftop. Cover is $10 tonight, ladies free until 8 PM.

Over at the Madison, the Dempseys will play. $7 cover, cash bar, tapas menu.

An alternative to the rooftop parties is the first night of KIX 106 Country on Beale, with Bucky Covington and Randy Houser tonight.

What to do post-rooftop? Well, it will be a big night at the Red Rooster, because it’s their “You Got the Look” contest finale tonight where they will choose their “Chicklette of the Year.” Contest winner will receive a $1500 prize trunk including gifts from Wink Boutique, Sephora, Platinum Jewelers, Lansky126, Tan-n-Go, Nail Bar, Miller Lite, and more. Gabby Johnson will be on stage. $2.50 UV Vodka drinks, $2 longnecks. Ladies get in free all night. I’ll say it one more time – because of the weekly contests, the Rooster tends to have the best male/female ratios of any of the Thursday night parties.

Another option is the Flying Saucer, where White Noise takes the stage at 9:30, $3 cover, 70 beers on draft, 125 in bottles, pool, darts, waitresses in short skirts.

And, of course, there are other local bars in the area which are fun places to hang out after the rooftop parties… Silly Goose, Automatic Slim’s, Voodoo Room in the downstairs of Orleans on Front, and Bardog Tavern are all excellent choices.

More news to report later… not sure if I’ll have time to do a post after work, but if not, I’ll get it online tomorrow.

New web store: Gladiator Sandal Boutique

Time to roll out another new site:


The Gladiator Sandal Boutique sells women’s gladiator sandals in all shapes, sizes, and colors… everything from flat gladiator sandals to knee-high platform gladiator sandals.  Plenty of different brands to choose from.  You know the drill by now… done in association with, in an effort to organize their merchandise in this niche into a more attractive and user-friendly storefront. Amazon handles the payment and shipping, so you’re protected by their world-class secure checkout and return policies. I never see your name or credit card number; I only see a report that items were ordered and how much commission I earned.

This is the latest in my series of niche Amazon websites that all started with the Tube Top Boutique.  I have two more in development, so look for more stores soon.

Saucer glom, Music Resource Center birthday party

I got a Facebook message from one of the Saucer managers this morning entitled “Saucer Glom” saying “The Saucer will glom on to those specials this weekend,” he said, referring to Tube Top Night Saturday at Voodoo Room.  “On Friday, anybody in togas will get free cover, and Saturday, tube tops free cover.”  I like it.  Downtown Memphis is going to be a beautiful place Saturday night.

There’s now a Tube Top Night event on Facebook that you can RSVP to.

Speaking of Facebook, does anyone know a good way to check event guest lists on an iPhone?  The mobile version of Facebook doesn’t show guest lists at all, and the full version shows the guest lists, but because they’re in a window on top of a window there’s no way to scroll.

The Music Resource Center is having their first birthday party Friday, June 26, from 6 to 9 PM.  They’re at 431 S. Main so this is a Trolley Tour event.  Free food (wonder if the Nuh-Uh Girl will show up – if I remember correctly they had quite a spread last year for their grand opening), free drinks, and live music by Good Luck Dark Star, Sore Eyes, Queens of Zion, Black Rock Revival, Battle Victorious, and Teflon Don with Young Kriss.

I’ll try to get a post up at lunchtime covering the Thursday night parties going on tonight.