More info on Wednesday nights at the Red Rooster

Got some additional info on the Wednesday night plans for the Red Rooster, starting this week.

  • 25 cent Miller Lite and PBR draft all night long
  • Miller Lite Promo Girl search
  • Bar Olympics games including Beer Pong, Flip Cup, Quarters, Ring Toss, and Cornhole
  • Shot specials

25 cent PBR!  I like it!  There’s a very good chance I will be there.

Got a tube top pic yesterday but I don’t have the camera with me to upload it right now… maybe tomorrow it’ll be up.  It’s dollar drink night at the Silly Goose, but I don’t know if my system can handle mixed drinks after this weekend… think I may just stick with Pint Nite at the Saucer.  Will probably be there around 6.

More 25 cent beer: Wednesday nights at the Red Rooster

It’s a wonderful time of year.  The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and there are tube tops everywhere.  And bars try to entice patrons with cheap beer.

The Red Rooster is the latest bar to jump on the discount beer bandwagon.  Beginning this Wednesday, June 10, they’ll have 25 cent draft beer from 6 to 10 PM.  I’ve heard from an inside source that the beer may be PBR.  In addition, they’ll have Bar Olympics games.  I haven’t seen the exact lineup of games, but typical bar olympics games include tricycle races, cornhole, and beer pong.

If you’re on Beale for Bikes on Beale that night, the Rooster is just steps away… so come on down and get you some beer and play some games.  Most likely you’ll see me there.

Pimp and Ho tonight at Earnestine & Hazel’s, 8 PM

The first Pimp and Ho party in five years happens tonight at Earnestine & Hazel’s from 8 to midnight.  $5 cover to get in.  Should be a fun time.  I’m taking the extra batteries for the camera, because I have a feeling I may need them.

I’ll be there shortly after 8 in my “Big Paul” pimp persona.  I meant to go shopping for pants today, but that would involve driving the car… I’ll just wear jeans.  The rest of the outfit (pimp cap, pimp sunglasses, gold teetheses, dollar sign medallion, feather boa, baby blue leisure suit jacket, polyester disco shirt, cheetah platform shoes) should be enough to carry the pimp theme.

Ladies, if you’re wondering what to wear, I suggest a tube top – you can even go “commando” underneath for added effect.

Pics: Voodoo Room grand reopening

I went to the grand reopening of the Voodoo Room in the downstairs of Orleans on Front last night.  Here are some pics.


Daily specials and future events on the chalkboard.  Note the June 20 event.


Wii bowling


The new late-night menu (click for larger image).  They serve food until 2:30.


The view from the stairs, looking into the Voodoo Room


Looking toward the bar from the stairs


The shot menu

Full photo album of the Voodoo Room’s reopening and afterward at Raiford’s here.  Warning:  This is not one of my better photo albums.  It’s hard taking pics while holding a PBR (although I should be used to it by now) and I definitely didn’t put the effort into this one that I did with the BBQ Fest photo album.

25 cent PBR

Tonight’s the grand reopening of the Voodoo Room, with live music and 25 cent PBR drafts from 10 PM until 3 AM. No cover. The Voodoo Room is in the downstairs of Orleans on Front, 94 S. Front across from the Butcher Shop. 25 cent PBR? Yeah, I think there’s a chance I might show up.

If you get hungry, try a Voodoo Burger. My friend Nick (seen earlier this week eating a burger with 5 patties) judged it as the best burger he’s had Downtown. It comes topped with a fried green tomato and comeback sauce.

I checked the Facebook event listing for the Voodoo Room’s reopening this morning before I left for work. 11 people had responded “definitely attending,” and 10 of them were on my friends list. Nice! Unfortunately the 11th was Meghan. Well, if the bar is going to have a Louisiana voodoo theme, I guess it works to have the Creature from the Swamp there.

Ladies, if you’re wondering what to wear, keep the Louisiana voodoo theme in mind… Louisiana is hot and humid… sounds like a tube top would be perfect.

On the River Seafood and More at 51 S. Main was reviewed in the CA today. Great food, and the owner’s grandson is absolutely correct, don’t miss the spaghetti as a side item with your fish.

Just received info from the Peabody about their last rooftop party of the season, on July 23. Cowboy Mouth will be the headliner, but they just booked an opening band you may have heard of… none other than The Dempseys. Looks like I’ll have to skip my pre-rooftop beers at the Saucer that night and head straight there at 6:00.

BLAST!!!!! My new web store had its first sale this morning. Why wouldn’t I be happy about that? Because when I was building the store, I forgot to set the most important setting of all – my Amazon Associates ID! So I won’t get credit for the sale and will miss out on a $27 commission. You better believe I connected to the site on my iPhone and fixed that setting immediately. Oh well, at least it’s a sign that the store is generating sales.

Doing a lot of fun stuff at work… it looks like I’m going to get my first exposure to programming Google Maps. Glad to have fun projects to pass the time until 10 PM when 25 cent PBR starts. I’ll probably go out about 8 and hit the Saucer and Bardog for a couple beers before heading to Voodoo.

TN missing out on Wine Woot

Edit:  Just received word from a friend that Gov. Bredesen signed this bill into law.  It will take effect  July 1.  Way to go Governor Bredesen!

Edit:  Someone familiar with state government has advised me that phone calls are far more effective than e-mails.  The number is 615-741-2001.

Forwarded from Otto:

Howdy there, Tennessee wooter –

Woot’s looking for Volunteer Staters willing to volunteer a moment of
time on a vital (and delicious) issue. Right now, residents of
Tennessee cannot legally receive shipments of wine from out-of-state
wineries – in other words, you can’t take advantage of the deals on

But last week, your wise, fair, handsome state legislature passed a
bill permitting out-of-state wine shipments. All it needs is Governor
Phil Bredesen’s signature and it becomes law.

That’s where you come in. When you get a moment, would you mind
calling Governor Bredesen at 615-741-2001, or emailing him at, to let him know you support him signing SB0166?
Be sure to remind his office that approving this measure will generate
tax revenues for Tennessee at a time when all states could use a few
extra bucks.

We don’t like to ensnare ourselves in the tangled vines of politics,
but we cannot in good conscience let you continue to miss out on
Wine.Woot’s winery-direct bargains. While the bill contains some
less-than-ideal provisions like limits on how much wine one person can
order, and a requirement for out-of-state wineries to buy a Tennessee
license, it’s huge step in the right direction.

Thanks a lot for your time, and congratulations on almost nearly sort
of being able to possibly buy wine on the Internet!

This is me again:  Tennessee has been on the cutting edge of innovations like Tube Top Month.  We are a trendsetter.  Let’s don’t miss out on Wine Woot.

Thur update

I just checked the weather, and although it’s a rainy day, it appears that the rain will move out of here by tonight… and tonight is a Thursday night… ladies, sounds like it would be a great day to wear a tube top on a rooftop.

The Plaintiffs play the Peabody rooftop party tonight.  $5 cover gets you in the door and gets you access to their free food buffet, which has been really good this year.  6 to 10 PM, ladies free until 8.  These parties continue to average well over 1,000 people per week this year.

Over at the Madison Hotel, Elmo and the Shades will be the featured entertainment.  Rooftop opens at 5:30, $7 cover, cash bar, tapas menu.

The “Chicklette of the Week” who wins the “You’ve Got the Look” contest at the Red Rooster’s post-rooftop party will get a great prize this week – a Michael Kors watch.  Free admission for ladies, $2 UV Vodka drinks, $2 draft beers.

The Flying Saucer has good post-rooftop entertainment as well.  Snozberry will take the stage at 9:30.  $3 cover, 70 beers on tap, 120 more in bottles, one draft beer on $2.75 Fire Sale every day, hot waitresses in short skirts.

Should be another fun Thursday night in Downtown Memphis… and with the grand reopening of the Voodoo Room tomorrow, and Pimp & Ho at Earnestine & Hazel’s on Saturday, it should be a fun weekend.

New website:

After several months off, I’m beginning to build new web storefront sites again.  My latest is


This is a store that sells mobiles, works of art that hang from a ceiling and move around as their components are pushed by air currents in the room.  Mobiles as works of art were popularized by the work of Alexander Calder in the mid-20th century.  I’ve always been fascinated with them, and have one in my apartment, the Flensted “Flowing Rhythm” mobile pictured in the logo above.  The new site also sells baby mobiles that hang from the side of a crib.

As is the case with many of my other sites including Tube Top Boutique, is a storefront for inventory carried by The reason I create storefronts like this one is that Amazon’s organization is really bad; it’s nearly impossible to find all the mobiles on Amazon in one place. I’ve tried to accomplish what Amazon didn’t with this new website.

When you order through the site, Amazon pays me between a 4% and 8.5% commission on every sale, based on the total number of sales my sites ring up per month.  I never see your name or credit card info; all I get is a notice that items were purchased.  Because Amazon handles the transactions, you’re protected by their best-on-the-Internet secure checkout system and shipping and return policies.

I hope you enjoy the new site.  I already have an idea for the next one, so it’s time to get back to work.  Hmmm… I must really enjoy building these storefronts… I’m excited enough about them to take a night off from beer.

Back tomorrow with more stuff.  I still haven’t posted about the Red Rooster’s promotion that starts next Wednesday.  If you’re a fan of extremely fine beer and of having fun, this will be one you want to hear about.

Zero to 60 fundraiser featuring Morgan Freeman to benefit the MED

The Hard Rock Cafe on Beale and Morgan Freeman will host a fundraiser called “Zero to 60” Saturday night, June 6, to benefit the MED.  There will be live music, hors d’oeuvres, and a silent auction featuring music and movie memorabilia.  Some of the cool stuff in the silent auction includes Titan tickets, a box at Oaklawn race track in Hot Springs, a painting by MS artist Jason Bouldin, a duck hunt for two, group Redbird tickets, signed guitars by several musicians, a Sam’s Town weekend package, signed posters of Morgan Freeman, and more.  Guests will also get to chat with Morgan and get pictures taken with him.

Why support the MED?  Here are a few reasons:

  • 1 in 4 Shelby County residents will need The MED this year
  • The MED is the only Level 1 burn and trauma center within 150 miles
  • It’s the third-busiest trauma center, and with a 94% survival rate, it ranks in the nation’s top 5
  • Treats more brain-related injuries than any other hospital in the nation
  • Has treated 45,000 premature or critically ill babies, reducing the nation’s infant mortality rate

With so many great hospitals like St. Jude and LeBonheur here, the MED is often completely overlooked, but Memphis would be lost without it.

This should be a great event… plus, given that it’s a Saturday night on Beale Street, there should be plenty of good tube top watching in the area.

Check out The MED Foundation’s site to learn more about the MED and how you can support them.  You can purchase tickets to the fundraiser here.

Wed update: Majestic art exhibit, Farmers Market dinner @ Slim’s, SMA meeting and more

nuhuh-tubetop-bbqLots more news to report that I didn’t have time to type yesterday…

“Painted Things and Apron Strings,” featuring the art and aprons of Carolyn Olivia Dodson King, will have an opening reception in the Innovators Room of the Majestic Grille next Tuesday, June 9, from 5:30 to 7:30 PM. There will be a wine special with 3 tastings for $10 during the opening, and there will be free hors d’oeuvres. Free food? Wonder if the Nuh-Uh Girl will show up.  The Nuh-Uh Girl, by the way, is pictured here in a tube top eating at BBQ Fest.  One of the team members gave her a new nickname – “Pigeon” – because like a pigeon, she sees food and swoops in to eat.

There will be a Farmers Market dinner at Automatic Slim’s next Monday, June 8. Here’s the menu:

Hor’s d’oeuvres

Jerk poached Jones peaches, heirloom tomato marmalade, Bonnie Blue goat cheese

Trumpet mushroom encrusted, Neola Farms short tender carpaccio Bruschetta Creole mustard aioli

1st course

Gracious Gardner kale lobster spring rolls, summer cabbage slaw, Bennet Burkes smoke tomato plum dipping sauce

2nd course

West Wind farms smoked chicken, Marconi chili rellono, Alcenia’s apple butter

3rd course

Grilled Neola Farms beef tenderloin, Farmers Market slaw, pickled ramps, Whitton snap pea puree

4th course

Jones orchard strawberry crème Delta Grind grit cake tartlet

Dinner is $60, with proceeds to support the Memphis Farmers Market. 901-525-7948 for reservations.

The monthly South Main Association meeting is next Tuesday, June 9, at Pearl’s Oyster House, social at 6:00, meeting at 6:30. Complimentary hors d’oeuvres (wonder if the Nuh-Uh Girl will be there?), cash bar. The featured speaker will be David Williams, CEO of Leadership Memphis, who will speak on the topic “Leading from Where You Are for Where You Live.”

If you’re a member of Mpact Memphis and work downtown, they’ll have a Lunch Bunch gathering at Onix at Main and Huling on Friday.

Details on Morgan Freeman fundraiser to come… it deserves a post of its own.  I also have exciting news about a new night with games and cheap beer at the Red Rooster.