Friday update

First of all, a very happy 52nd birthday to Bret “The Hitman” Hart. Damn I spent too much time watching wrestling in the 1990s.

The big event going on Downtown tonight is the New Kids on the Block concert at the Mud Island Ampitheatre. Hmmm I wonder if that will draw a similar crowd to recent Justin Timberlake concerts, when Downtown was loaded with hot girls dressed in really sexy outfits. Hope so.

The Red Rooster is having a New Kids after-party tonight with $2 “The Right Stuff” sippies, $1.50 longnecks, and $5 NKOTB bombs. I have no idea what significance “The Right Stuff” has as far as getting a drink named after it. I’ll have to ask Sam if I see him at the Rooster tonight. For some reason I have a feeling that Sam is a big NKOTB fan.

Rooftop party action tonight: Artists from MTV’s $5 Cover on the Peabody rooftop tonight, $5 cover, ladies free until 8; the Memphis All Stars on the Madison rooftop, $7 cover, cash bar and tapas menu.

I found out via Twitter yesterday that my Peabody rooftop VIP passes get me into the special rooftop party they’re having Saturday, July 4, with a buffet of summer picnic food and Ingram Hill. Cool, that’s a $20 cover I’ll beat if I go… not sure what I’ll be doing that night… a lot of my crew will be out of town in Chicago this weekend. Anyone going to the Peabody? If I go I’ll have an extra VIP pass to get someone in. Wonder if the Nuh-Uh Girl, who also has VIP passes, will be going… she’s not one to pass up a free buffet.

Still trying to figure out FriendFeed. I added my blog, my Twitter account, my Picasa account, and my Facebook links and notes as part of my feed, but it won’t let me add my Facebook status. Weird because I see other people’s Facebook status as part of their feed… anyone know what’s going on?

Once again, if you use Facebook and Twitter I highly recommend you sign up for FriendFeed. One added advantage… a lot of businesses started blocking Facebook when it got hit with KoobFace and other viruses and malware a couple months back. FriendFeed may allow you to get around that filter and see what your Facebook friends are doing.

There’s an opening reception at the Power House gallery on G.E. Patterson tomorrow night, Friday, July 3, for “Everywhere, Nowhere, Somewhere,” their first Director’s Choice group exhibition looking at the oddity of humanity with pieces that border on the bizarre, the compulsive, and the beautiful. The works will be displayed through August 10.

There’s a group on Facebook called “Guns and Alcohol Don’t Mix.” Please join it in protest of the ridiculous and dangerous new Tennessee law that allows people to carry guns into bars.

Tonight is an early weekend night for many people, me included… I can stay out late tonight without paying for it on Friday for a change. Probably Peabody rooftop party for me and who knows after that.