I became a huge fan of Muck Sticky last night

Last night I went to the Peabody rooftop party, getting there right as Muck Sticky took the stage.  I’d heard about Muck Sticky but had never really listened to their music or seen them in person.  Within a couple of songs I had become a huge fan.

Best way I can explain them to you is to tell you to check them out for yourself:  Here are links to their videos for It’s Nice to Meet Ya and Thingy Thing.  Here’s a link to their MySpace. (hmmm, the MySpace page doesn’t seem to be completely loading right now, wonder what’s up with that)

Yeah their music pushes the envelope, even to the point of being offensive if you don’t have a sense of humor.  But if you do have a sense of humor, it’s absolutely hilarious.  And not only did I like their music, but their message as well.  At one point, Muck Sticky grabbed the microphone and went on a rant for a minute, telling the crowd, you can do whatever with your life you want to, just be yourself, don’t be what other people want you to be, just do your own thing and live your life one day at a time.

I left the rooftop party early (we’ll get to the reason why in a minute) and found myself riding down the elevator with Muck Sticky himself.  I complimented him on both the music and the message.  He was a super nice guy and told me they’re hosting a concert in Handy Park on Saturday, July 4.  If you’ve never heard them before, I highly, highly recommend you get down to the park and check them out.  I’m going to make an effort to get to future Muck Sticky shows, even if it means (horrors) getting in the car and driving.

Muck Sticky and the two other acts, Valerie June and Al Kapone, are all featured on MTV’s series Five Dollar Cover.  This was an effort by Memphis filmmaker Craig Brewer to package up a number of outstanding local acts and get them some national exposure, while providing some quality entertainment at the same time.  Great job… I haven’t watched the series yet but am definitely going to now.

And once again, I have to say, massive kudos to the Peabody on booking these acts.  This is further proof that the Peabody has really turned the corner on the entertainment it provides.  The attitude there used to be, “We’re the Peabody, we can get by on name alone and people will still come to our parties no matter how bad they suck.”  Now they’re doing things differently.  They’re becoming part of the local community by doing things like promoting the wonderful $5 Cover project.  They’ve lowered their drink prices at the Corner Bar to entice locals to come in.  They’re on Facebook and Twitter and are not only announcing their entertainment, but listening to the community on what they want to see at the Peabody.  Great, great, great job.

I did something really stupid last night.  I rode up the elevator with this sweet girl who was by herself and told me it was her first time at the Peabody party.  When we reached the top, I showed her where the entrance was, then went and got my wristband for the VIP area.  About 10 minutes later I realized, I can get a guest in VIP too, and I didn’t have one with me last night – why didn’t I get her in?  What an idiot.  It wasn’t a matter of trying to pick her up or anything; I just wanted her to have a good time.  Despite being called a “meet market,” the rooftop parties can be really uncomfortable if you don’t know people there.  I feel bad for having missed an opportunity to extend some Downtown Memphis hospitality.  I went back and looked for her later, but couldn’t find her.

I got some pics of the Nuh-Uh Girl eating strawberries in the VIP area, but I don’t like them as much as I like this pic from the wedding last Sunday:


Leinenkugel was passing out a lemon-flavored summer beer in the VIP area.  I forget the name of it but it was really good.  Look for it on the store shelves.  I wish the Saucer would carry it (here’s a hint: get rid of Turbo Dog to free up a tap).

A couple of weeks ago, I was at the Peabody rooftop, and someone let Meghan in the VIP area.  I thought, wow, the VIP area has really hit rock bottom.  I was wrong.  Rock bottom happened last night.  After watching Muck Sticky, I decided to get another beer and started to walk over to the VIP area and who did I see there but… King Willie.  Our soon-to-be-ex mayor (I hope) was there, with Kevin Kane.  At that point I just decided to leave.  Hated to miss Al Kapone though.  I posted to my Facebook account that Willie was on the rooftop and several people responded that I should shove him off the roof.  If only I could.  I guess he was up there looking for his next baby mama.

Plans for this afternoon and tonight:  No idea.  May stop by the Saucer for a beer this afternoon, but Old Lazy Ass is bartending so I won’t be sitting at the bar.  Oh, that reminds me, last night Old Lazy Ass was telling people that I proposed to her but she refused because the ring was too small.  Let me respond to that:  1) If Old Lazy Ass was the last woman on earth, I’d take a new-found interest in sheep; and 2) If I did propose to her and she turned me down, it would not be because the ring was too small, but rather that I’m too young for her.

Wonder if Bangkok Alley is open today?  If they are I think I may hit them up for lunch.  I’m outta here for now.