Scare last night – would you know what to do if you lost your wallet?

Yesterday morning about 10:30, I went on my Mountain Dew run to Walgreens.  It was raining cats and dogs, and even though Walgreens is only a quarter block from my front door, I was soaked.

After that I fired up PokerStars and started feeding my addiction.  I tried single tables, multiple tables at the same time, Sit’n’Go tournaments, and Double-or-Nothing tournaments (the most boring things ever – 10 players, first 5 to lose get nothing, the other 5 are declared the winners and double their money).  I kept thinking about going out, but every time I said to myself, “One more game.”

Finally, at 1 AM, I decided it was time to go have a beer.  I put clothes on, loaded up my camera, my iPhone, pens and keys in my pockets… but where was my wallet?  It wasn’t on my kitchen counter where I usually leave it.  I ran to my bedroom and checked all my jeans and shorts pockets.  No wallet.  “I must have left it at Walgreens,” I thought, “or worse, it fell out of my pocket as I ran home in the rain this morning.”  I started frantically thinking about the things I would have to do.

Made me think… maybe this would be a good public service announcement for my readers… if you lost your wallet, would you know what to do?

  • Would you know how to get a replacement driver’s license, and what forms of ID you’d need to bring?  If you’re in Tennessee, details here.
  • Do you have the phone numbers of your bank and any credit card companies stored in a safe place, so you know who to call to cancel credit and debit cards?
  • Do you have enough cash stashed away to live on for about a week, until your new debit card arrives?

Just something to think about… better to be prepared.

After about 20 minutes, I remembered that I hadn’t folded the shorts I wore to Walgreens yesterday morning and put them away… they were soaking wet, so I hung them over a chair to dry.  I pulled the now-dry shorts off the chair and checked the back pocket… and there was my wallet.  Crisis averted.

Heading to brunch shortly.  I’ve been a hermit too much this past week.  No poker today.

Coming later today – a post about a local artist who is blogging, selling her artwork, and taking orders for custom jobs.  She’s also selling an engagement ring and wedding band, and it could be a good deal for someone.