Rooftop party pics: Happy birthday Brent

Two of the best things about being a Downtowner are

1) Getting to know my Downtown neighbors and having an ever-expanding circle of friends

2) Getting to go to parties on rooftops

Last night, our friend Brent, who did such an amazing job decorating the Ques Brothers’ booth at BBQ Fest (photos here) threw a birthday party on the rooftop of his building, which also happens to be my building.  Here are a few pics:


The bar


There was an ice luge for people who wanted to do shots.


The mystery beer tub.  The only reason you can see the caps and the labels is because of my camera’s flash.  In reality the tub was almost completely dark so you had no idea what you were getting.  I pulled out my first bottle and saw that it was green.  “Dos Equis Lager Especial.”  Nice!  I did see a Bud Light in the tub – too bad John D wasn’t there.


As I’ve said before, you can’t have a Downtown photo album without Mikey hamming it up for the camera.


Another pic of everyone enjoying the rooftop, with the Mississippi River in the background.

A fantastic party, and with a pro like Brent planning it I’m not surprised.  If you want Brent to help you plan and decorate an event for you, you can reach him through the Holliday Flowers website.

It’s brunch time but I’m not hungry yet… think I’ll get in an hour on PokerStars before I go out.  Getting bored with Hold’em… think I may try 7-card Stud, which I played all the time in college.  I’ll meet up with the gang at the Saucer later on.  It’s Pint Nite at South of Beale, so I may make a visit there after they open at 4 PM.  Interested to see what a Sunday Fun Day will be like there.