Elvis-themed pub crawl Saturday, August 15 – full details

Okay… we’ve finally put the schedule together for the Elvis pub crawl this Saturday, August 15. Here are the details:

– Honor the King by dressing up as Elvis. You can buy Elvis gear at CostumeCity.com (will probably need to get rush shipping at this late date though) or other online costume sites. You can also go to Graceland’s gift shop, and Beale Street may have some stuff too. Or, you can be creative and make your own outfit.

– We will be collecting cans and cash for MIFA’s Food Bank. Come have a good time and support a worthy cause too! Details on what to bring are at the bottom of this post.

– The bars listed below have agreed to waive their cover charge for people dressed in Elvis attire who are part of the pub crawl.

– Please bring cash to pay your bar tabs. It looks like there’s considerable interest in this event. We want to avoid a situation where dozens of Elvises all try to close out credit card tabs at the same time.

– Please bring IDs too. This is especially important for getting on Beale Street.

OK, here’s the running order. Times are approximate.

7 PM: Meet at Flying Saucer
8 PM: Leave Saucer
8:10 PM: Arrive at Blue Fin
8:45 PM: Leave Blue Fin. We’ll probably walk through the Peabody next.
9:15 PM: Arrive at Silky’s
10 PM: Leave Silky’s and walk down Beale Street
10:30 PM: Arrive at Red Rooster
11:15 PM: Leave Rooster
11:30-11:45: Back to Flying Saucer

If this is starting to sound similar to the Stumbling Santa pub crawl that happens in December, it is. The person who came up with the Elvis idea and drafted Mike King and I to coordinate it based the idea on Stumbling Santa. “The first thing I want to do is make sure we’re not stepping on toes,” Mike said. “I want to contact one of the people who is in charge of Stumbling Santa and make sure it’s OK. And I don’t want to call it Stumbling Elvis.” I was 100% in agreement with that move.

So Mike talked to one of the Santa coordinators, and not only did he assure us we would not be stepping on toes, but he said he had no problem with us using the word “Stumbling.”

Mike and I then met at Calhoun’s and created a Facebook page for the Stumbling Elvis event. He invited some people, and then I signed onto my account and invited some people, and the people who run the bars we’re going to invited some people. “If we get two dozen confirmed attendees I’ll be happy,” I told Mike.

I apparently underestimated interest in this event. As of this post we have 72 people who have confirmed they will attend, and more “maybes” on top of that.

Now, as for what to bring for the Food Bank – any of the following:

– Cash: A $1 contribution buys $3.70 in food distribution

– Meat/protein: Cans of chicken & dumplings, chunky soup, canned beef stew, etc.

– Fruit: Canned fruit cocktail, pears, apple sauce, 100% fruit juice

– Vegetables: Canned green beans, corn, lima beans, etc.

– Fish and other protein: Canned salmon or tuna, chili with beans, pork and beans

– Other: Dried beans or peas (1 or 2 lb. bag), rice (1 or 2 lb. bag), mac and cheese, vienna sausage, evaporated milk

– No perishables

– No jumbo cans – no canned foods over 29 oz. or juice over 64 oz.

So there ya have it… search for an event called “Stumbling Elvis” if you’re on Facebook. Hope to see you Saturday!