That’s it, I’ve heard too many good things – next Sunday I’ve got to try Bardog for brunch!

Several of my friends have tried Bardog Tavern for brunch in recent weeks, and have said really good things about it.  In particular, they’ve mentioned the lobster sandwich.  That does sound good.  They said Bardog also has $1.50 PBR during brunch, and you get a free drink (a mimosa or I think a couple of other choices) with your brunch entree.  Not a bad deal.

They don’t open until noon on Sunday.  I think next Sunday, I’m going to have to sleep for an extra hour (I usually go to brunch at 11) and give Bardog a shot.  That means I’ll get to the Saucer an hour later than usual, but oh well.  They see plenty of me the rest of the week.

I got up too late for brunch yesterday, but I did get some good food… I went to South of Beale when they opened at 4 and ordered the Crock, a country pot pie of duck, Andouille sausage, and root vegetables.  I also got to try an oxtail wonton, which was really good with mango salsa.

I’ve got the info for the Elvis pub crawl almost ready… will probably post it tonight.