Tuesday update

An SMA member e-mailed to inform me that I left something out of this morning’s post… in addition to a free dinner buffet for members, bylaw voting, and Steve Cohen, there will also be a presentation from Jimmy Tashie, Chair of the Film Commission and General Manager of Malco. 6:00 social/6:30 meeting at the Happy Mexican.

The Church Health Center is a wonderful organization that provides health care to the poor and uninsured in Memphis – people who would likely go without otherwise. On Friday-Saturday, August 21 and 22, you can attend their fundraiser, supporting both the Center and diversity in Memphis music. The fundraiser is called Rock for Love and here’s the lineup.

Friday night, August 21, Hi-Tone: John Paul Keith & The One Four Fives, The Warble, Pezz, The New Mary Jane, Blair Combest (emcee: Gary Parrish)

Saturday, August 22, free show 2-7 PM at Shangri-La: The Simpletones, Snowglobe, J.D. Reager & The Cold Blooded Three, The Bulletproof Vests, Organ Thief (emcee: Chris Vernon with 730 Fox Sports live remote broadcast)

Saturday night, August 22, Hi-Tone: River City Tanlines, Two Way Radio, The Magic Kids, Jeffrey James & The Haul, Jason Freeman (emcee: Al Kapone)

Tickets are $10 for each night, or $18 for both. Tickets are on sale at Shangri-La and Goner Records, and are available online at HiToneMemphis.com. The Shangri-La day party is free, but donations will be accepted there, and 20% of sales that day will go to the Center.

There will also be a silent auction by the Memphis Roller Derby and CDs and other merchandise on sale at the Hi-Tone, all to benefit the Center.

John Streeter who owned Sharp Flowers from the Main Street Mall e-mailed me this week… he wants everyone to know that he is still around and interested in developing relationships with Downtown hotels to carry after-hours flowers for guests. You can reach him at 901-543-1934 or 901-579-4000. He’s also still looking for a high-traffic spot, ideally somewhere between AutoZone and the FedExForum, to sell cash-and-carry flower wraps. You can check out his website for more information.

There will be a Young Democrats cocktail event at the Westin Hotel Thursday, August 20 from 5:30 to 7:30 PM. The purpose is to inspire and encourage young people’s knowledge and interest in government and the political process. Music and cash bar, minimum donation $10. Donations will assist the Shelby County Democrats in their effort to raise funds for a new website and new HQ.

If you’re near a TV, the Beale Street Flippers will perform live on America’s Got Talent tonight.

I skipped Pint Nite last night, choosing to get on PokerStars and play in a $2.20 buy-in no-limit Hold’em tournament with 180 seats, with prizes to the top 18 finishers. As time went on I was doing fairly well, and about an hour and 15 minutes in, I watched the number of players drop… 22, 21, 20, 19… 18!!! I was in the money! When it got down to 13, I was dealt pocket Aces and went all-in. Someone called me with King-Jack suited. A King showed up on the flop… and then another King on the river! BLAST! So I finished 13th, with a whopping $4.32 as my prize. Better than nothing I suppose. If I’d won that hand, I’d have been a strong contender for the first-place prize of $108.

It’s weird that there has been no media coverage (that I’m aware of) of the suicide at the Peabody yesterday. This morning I got additional confirmation that it really happened… one of my blog readers was walking to Kooky Canuck with her kids and they witnessed the whole thing. That’s got to be an awful thing for a kid to see. Maybe the media purposely downplays suicides of that type to discourage copycats. Probably a good idea. My condolences to the family of the person who jumped, and to anyone who had the misfortune to witness it and to Peabody employees who were on duty at the time.

Skipping trivia tonight to attend the SMA meeting.  See you at the Happy Mexican.