Couple more Elvis pub crawl updates – BBC TV show, Food Bank

Couple more updates about last weekend’s Stumbling Elvis event…

I learned that the TV show that filmed us on Beale Street was the BBC’s Around the World in 80 Days. They had us pose for a shot outside Silky’s. Not sure when it will air.

I also learned the pub crawl raised $280 in donations for the Mid-South Food Bank. However, the Food Bank gets $3.70 in purchasing power for every dollar donated, so we effectively purchased $1,036 of food for Memphians in need.

If you missed the pub crawl but want to help out the Food Bank, here’s a link to their donation form.

Pictures still to come… been lazy about getting them off the camera.

Mon update: Phoenix luau, catering, Eclectic eye contest and more

The Phoenix Club will hold their 2009 Luau this Friday night, the 21st, at Minglewood Hall from 8 PM to 1 AM. Entertainment by Conch Nation, and sponsors Celtic Crossing, Itta Bena, Newby’s, Owen Brennan’s, Bardog, D. Canale, and Bosco’s will provide hors d’oeuvres and drinks. Tickets are $50, but this year they’re offering a special VIP ticket for $100 that gets you access to a top-notch setup including private bar, private bathrooms, and 4 skyboxes overlooking the stage. VIP access is limited to 65 guests. The Phoenix Club’s parties always benefit a great charity, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Memphis. You can buy tickets here.

In the news: The owner of Automatic Slim’s and Dyer’s has started a catering business.

The Electic Eye eyeglass boutique is having another eyeglass makeover contest. Visit their website and upload a photo of yourself in old glasses, and you could win the makeover. Winner will be announced at a red-carpet reception at their store on Houston Levee on September 3. If you upload your pic between now and August 30, you get a 10% discount on your next purchase.

Sorry for the lack of posts for the past two days… been recovering from the weekend. The Stumbling Elvis pub crawl was a blast. Thanks to the Flying Saucer, Blue Fin, Silky’s and the Red Rooster for having us. About 50 Elvises turned up… we filled a 50 gallon tub half full with cans for the Food Bank, and there was also a can in which cash donations were collected to give to them. Outside Silky’s we were filmed for a show which will air on BBC.

We had all kinds of Elvis, ranging from ’50s leather Elvis to 1961 Blue Hawaii Elvis to 1970s white jumpsuit Elvis. Some people only had the glasses and sideburns, but we only announced the pub crawl a couple of weeks in advance, so many people didn’t have time to go find costumes. There’s a very good chance this event will be back next year… Mike King and I discussed it and next year we’re going to require participation from those who come with us, meaning a Food Bank donation and something at least resembling an attempt at a costume.

Photos to come. I have a few other posts in Drafts that need to go up soon too.

Elvis pub crawl tonight


Tonight’s the night when a bunch of us are going to dress up like Elvis and wander from bar to bar Downtown, in honor of the King.  We’re also collecting cans and cash donations for the Food Bank.  The running order is

7 PM – meet at Flying Saucer
8 PM – leave Saucer, walk to Blue Fin
8:10  – Blue Fin
8:45 – Leave Blue Fin.  From here we will walk to Beale, maybe through the Peabody.
9:15 – Arrive at Silky’s
10:00 – Leave Silky’s, parade down Beale
10:30 – Arrive at Red Rooster
11:15 – Leave Rooster
11:30ish – Back at Saucer

Be sure to bring cash to pay your bar tabs, to avoid the hassle of having to close dozens of credit card tabs at the same time when we leave a bar.  Also be sure to bring your ID – you’ll need it to get on Beale.  The clubs listed have agreed to waive cover for people who are part of the pub crawl and are who are dressed up as Elvis.  The Saucer will have a tub where you can place your donated canned goods for the Food Bank; if you arrive to the pub crawl late, please stop by the Saucer to drop off your donation before meeting up.

If you’re on Facebook search for the event “Stumbling Elvis.”

Linky links

A few links for your Thursday afternoon reading pleasure:

Here’s a link to a CA article about a new 298-room luxury hotel planned to be built across Linden from the FedExForum, at the corner of Fourth.  Always good to see more luxury rooms come to Downtown Memphis… that will help attract conventions.

Here’s a link to Jerry Lawler’s 2009 mayoral campaign website.  I was a supporter of The King in his 1999 run… not sure who I’ll vote for this time… probably either Wharton or interim mayor Lowery.  I’m a huge fan of Lawler but this city just has too many problems to let a pro wrestler run it.  I’d damn sure pick him over Herenton though.

Here’s a link that will explain why Twitter was down for a couple of days last week.  It wasn’t an attack on Twitter itself, but rather an attack by a pro-Russian group who was trying to silence criticism of Russia’s was with Georgia on social networking sites.

More to come today or tomorrow… one of my favorite chefs has taken over management of what has up until now been one of my least favorite Downtown restaurants… hopefully he’ll turn it around… anyway, it’s worthy of a post of its own.  That post will be up today or tomorrow, I hope.

King Willie releases statement

King Willie has released a statement on his picking up a petition to run on the special election for mayor.  Read it here.

In other news, there’s a new “Petition to Committ (sic) King Willie” group that you may want to join if you’re on Facebook.  (Edit:  They fixed the spelling – it’s “Petition to Commit King Willie” now.)

Wed update: SMA meeting notes, South Main condo for rent, Beale audit, tube top news and more

First off, I want to apologize to the fine folks at SMA and to Steve Cohen… I wasn’t feeling well at the meeting last night and left at 7:10, long before the meeting was over and before Rep. Cohen even arrived.  Here are a few notes I took during the time I was there:

– Jodie Vance talked about the 3/50 project:  Pick 3 Downtown businesses and commit to spending $50 a month total among them.  I wonder if they can be bars… if that’s the case I’m already participating in this program, many times over.

– Judy Peiser from the Center for Southern Folklore took the stage.  She needs volunteers for the Memphis Music & Heritage Festival they hold on Labor Day weekend, particularly early morning and late night shifts.  She also talked about the FolkPass they sell for $50, which gets you VIP seating for the festival, you get to drink for free, and you get VIP benefits throughout the year.  Here’s a list of FolkPass benefits… hmmm… free beer?  That alone could make it a good deal for beer drinkers who plan to spend most of their time at the festival both days.  Attn Rapscallions/BBQ team/people I hang out with, any interest in getting FolkPasses?

– A presentation was made for ARTitude, a group for young art lovers who want to support October’s RiverArtsFest.

– They announced that South of Beale is now open.  Ed and Brittany who own the place are new SMA members.

– The bylaws passed.  A lot of people seemed very relieved that there weren’t a lot of questions and discussion.

– Film Commission director Jimmy Tashie took the stage.  This was around the time I started to not feel so well, so I left in the middle of his presentation.  If anyone can fill me in on details of what happened after I left, I’ll post.

– And finally, a huge THANK YOU to the Happy Mexican who put out a great dinner buffet for members last night.  A make your own taco and nachos bar, quesadillas, enchiladas, two kinds of fajitas, wings, rice and beans, and more.  The Nuh-Uh Girl had 4 helpings.

On to other news… A Downtown couple has to move to Tucson and is trying to look for someone to take over their South Main condo that they are renting for $1700/mo.  3 stories, 3 BR (option for office on first floor), 3 full BA, 2 car garage.  Loaded with amenities… for full details see this PDF.

I had a blog reader ask me when the Memphis Flyer will post their Best Of winners.  I believe the issue comes out October 1.  They don’t post the results online before the issue comes out because they want the winners to be a surprise.

Reminds me, now that it’s over, I’ll type up a post of who I voted for.  I didn’t want to post that stuff while the voting was still open, for fear I’d skew the results.  Look for a post on that topic soon.

The audit of Beale Street that was being done by a private accounting firm is done.  According to their report, $6.4 million in Beale Street profits went unreported to the city, who should have received a big piece of the profits.  Looks like Elkington’s in big trouble.

Here’s a link to a Motley Fool article on how to play blackjack.  Being a poker player, why would I post a blackjack link?  Well, because he talks about the interesting people you meet at the low-dollar tables.  He played at a table with a lady one time who played a hand with her tube top pulled down for $100.  Now that’s how to make a profit at blackjack.  I highly recommend this strategy to my female readers – just make sure to tell me which casino you’re going to, and what time.

Don’t forget about the Majestic Grille reception tonight for their employees who are artists and musicians, from 5:30 to 7:30 PM.  $10 for tastings of 3 wines of your choice from Casa Silva Winery, and complimentary hors d’oeuvres.  Free food?  Wonder if the Nuh-Uh Girl will show up.  It’s also pint night at South of Beale tonight, with $3 pints.

… And that’s your Wednesday lunchtime post, a couple of hours late today.  Outta here for now.