Lost dog found on Mud Island

One of my blog’s readers found the dog pictured below running loose on Mud Island yesterday.  Male Pomeranian, clean and well-trained, definitely someone’s pet but no collar.  If you know whose dog this is, e-mail me at paul@paulryburn.com and I’ll get you in touch with the person who has him.


Pics from Trolley Tour last night


Possibly the coolest vehicle ever – the VW Bus.


The interior of the Bus.


Here’s a pic of the Nuh-Uh Girl eating.


The BBQ team now has its own cornhole boards.


People hanging out on the Main Street sidewalk


The Nuh-Uh Sister, Eric and Misty relaxing.  Note that in the background, the Nuh-Uh Girl is going back for another helping of food.


It was Frank’s birthday last night.


By 7:30 quite a crowd had gathered.

Around 8 a lot of the gang left for Kooky Canuck for Frank’s birthday dinner.  I walked down the street and checked out Mpact Memphis’ new office at 506 S. Main.  The place was packed and was by far the biggest party on the street.  Mpact has really made a comeback the past year and they have some really good people taking the initiative these days.  Very happy to see it.

Then I walked over to the SMA cookout.  The grill had already shut down but there was still Boscos beer.  People told me the Nuh-Uh Girl had been by.  “Now we understand why there are so many photos of her eating in your blog,” one of the members told me.  “She eats all the time!”  Yep.

About 9:45 I headed north.  The plan was to meet up with the birthday group at the Flying Saucer.  However, the Saucer was packed – dudes, dudes, dudes everywhere.  It gets that way on Friday nights but it was far worse than usual.  I got about 10 feet in the front door before I realized I most definitely did not want to be there.  Later I learned that Downtown is unusually crowded with guys this weekend because Pi Kappa Alpha is having their national convention here.

So I walked up Second and ran into Air Traffic Mike.  We decided to go to the Goose, but it was way crowded.  Then we hit Bardog, but it was way crowded.  So we walked back down Main.  “Circa?” Mike suggested.

“Perfect,” I said.

And it was perfect.  We got there right as their reverse happy hour started.  There were a fair number of people at the bar, but it wasn’t overcrowded, and you could carry on a conversation without shouting.  The dinner rush had passed, and John Bragg came out and talked to us for a while.  We ate some delicious soft shell crab and proscuitto asparagus rolls, and did shots of Jameson in these skull glasses:


Later in the evening I ended up at Bardog again, then Paula & Raiford’s.  “Just once I’d like to be sober enough by the time I get here [Paula & Raiford’s] to remember what happens,” I commented to my friend Nick.  Last night wasn’t the night for it though.

No idea what I’ll get into tonight.  Who knows, there may be more pics.