Saturday update

I ended up missing Trolley Tour altogether last night… I stopped by the Saucer for a beer first, and ended up going to dinner with friends.  We were going to do Pearl’s, but on the way there saw more friends in South of Beale and went there instead.

You know what I’m really impressed with at SOB?  The sides.  I loved the crispy Cajun potatoes that came with my SOB burger.  I can’t decide if they qualify as fries – what’s the definition of “fries?”  Do they have to be long and slender?  If they do qualify, I’ll definitely vote for them for “Best Fries” in next year’s Memphis Flyer poll.

Speaking of the Flyer poll… nice to see the winner of the 2008 Best Cougar Bar award standing outside his restaurant last night at Trolley Tour.

Back to SOB’s sides… my friend Lauren let me try her Pink-Eyed Pea Ragout, and it was excellent.  Definitely getting that next time I go in.  Another excellent experience at SOB… great to have a new restaurant in that area with great service and reasonable prices.

There will be a mayoral debate watch party at 6 tonight at SOB sponsored by MPACT Memphis, so if you’re looking for an excuse to go by and try their great food, now you’ve got one.

Suggestion for iPhone users who sit at the Flying Saucer bar:  Download the “Service Bell” app.  It’s free in the App Store.  You touch the screen and it goes ding-ding-ding like a bell.  Brittney LOVES it when you use the Service Bell to let her know you want another beer.

The Arkansas Razorbacks play #3 Alabama at 2:30 on CBS.  Guess I’ll be heading up to the Saucer to watch it.  The Hogs proved last week that they can hold their own against a Top 25 team.  Will ‘Bama be the second Top 5 SEC team to go down in flames this weekend?  Maybe not – the oddsmakers have the Crimson Tide as a 17.5-18 point favorite.  An upset would be sweet though.

Attn Facebook users:  I’m getting a lot of friend requests from people I’ve never met and with whom I have no friends in common.  Be very careful when you get requests like these – they may be spreading KoobFace or a similar virus/trojan.  This is a good way to mess up your computer and get Facebook blocked at work if you use it there… only add people you know.

Good to see our friends Wayne and Judy back in town visiting for the weekend.  A lot of people are very happy they’re here.

That’s all for now… going to take some laundry out of the dryer, then head to the Saucer to watch the game.