South Main Oktoberfest is today – great time to join SMA

The SMA’s Oktoberfest celebration is today from 3 to 7, in the courtyard next to Harry’s Detour on GE Patterson.  If you’re a member, you get free Boscos beer, and you get delicious German food cooked by Chef John Bragg.  Free food?  Wonder if the Nuh-Uh Girl will show up.

Not a member and want to come?  Well, you have two options.  One is to pay the $15 non-member entry fee.

Or, for $10 more you could become an individual member, which will not only get you access to today’s party, but various other events during the year.  They have a couple of parties with free food and booze – Cinco de Mayo is the other one – and during most months, they grill out at Trolley Tour, with burgers, dogs, and beer for members.  Many of their membership meetings have complimentary hors d’oeuvres from some of the best restaurants Downtown.  One restaurant, the Happy Mexican, put out a free dinner buffet that was so good that the Nuh-Uh Girl had 4 helpings.  Plus you get to keep up with what’s going on in the South Main area, and you’ll learn about volunteer programs where you can pitch in and help make the neighborhood better.

If you join today at the party, your membership will run through 2010.

Should be a fun day.  I’m skipping brunch this morning to make room for John’s food at the party.  About noon I’ll hit the Saucer for a friend’s plate party, then head south to Oktoberfest.  Afterward, maybe across the street to Calhoun’s or maybe back to the Saucer, after seeing what certain people decide to do next.

Sunday Fun Day!!!