New site launches; also, TV show this Sunday

The CCC finally launched their new and improved site this evening.  It’s much more interactive than the old one, and information is much easier to find.  There are pics, videos, blogs and tweets in addition to stuff that was there before like event listings and news.  Check it out here.

A little bonus information about… last night at the Best of Memphis party, I ran into “That Other Downtown Guy,” Lee Warren, and he told me that there will be a Downtown TV show on Channel 5 Sunday at 12:30 PM.  Apparently I’m in it too, in a segment on Paula & Raiford’s Disco.  Oh goody… I always look so good on CCC-sponsored TV shows, and yes, I’m saying that with complete sarcasm.  I’ll never forget when they interviewed me at an Mpact Memphis party after I’d had TWELVE margaritas.  Wow that was a long time ago… early 2005 I think.  Time for me to make a fool of myself on TV again.

All right… I have more to write about but I’m getting tired.  I need to review a book on wrestling.  I need to review a book on poker.  Who knows what else I’ll find to write about.  But I’ll write about it tomorrow.  Time for bed!