Robert Graham trunk show at Lansky at the Peabody Saturday

Lansky, the men’s clothing store in the Peabody, is having a trunk show to debut the new Fall line of Robert Graham sport shirts this Saturday, October 3, from 11 AM to 3 PM.  Their Robert Graham sales rep will be on hand to answer questions.  There’s complimentary parking in the Peabody Place garage, and they’re offering a free gift with purchase.

If you’re not familiar with Robert Graham shirts, you can see what they look like here.  They are beautiful and well-made shirts that make you look like a rock star.  They are absolutely the best line of sport shirts I’ve ever seen.

In addition to the Fall line, they’ll be showing shirts from their Holiday and Spring lines, and you’ll be able to pre-order them.

Funny thing – I already had planned to go to the trunk show, and I had it starred in Gmail as one of the items I wanted to mention in my “Friday update” morning or lunchtime post.  Well, while I was playing the poker tournament tonight, I got an e-mail from Lansky.  You remember how I said I got another piece of good news, besides my cash prize from the tournament?  “We want to reward you with a Robert Graham sportshirt for winning Best Local Blogger,” they wrote.  “We know how you love them.”  WOOOHOOO!  That and the PBR hoodie within two weeks of each other… I’m gettin’ a wardrobe makeover here!  Some days it’s good to be a blogger.

I’m not done yet… fourth post of the evening still to come…