Fri update: Facebook pics, Lennon glass, Broad Avenue art walk, football

Looks like a short post today… I posted 4 times between 10 and midnight last night, so that took care of most of the news.

Republic Nightclub is offering professionally-shot Facebook profile pics this Saturday night. As you can tell from the profile pic on my blog (which is also my pic on Facebook, Twitter, and BrightKite), having a good profile pic is of paramount importance. If you can’t get your Facebook pic to look quite right, this is a chance to get professional help.

Next Wednesday night is John Lennon glass night at the Flying Saucer. This one appears to be a take-off on the 1973 photo of John wearing a sleeveless “New York City” shirt. They go on sale at 7 PM, and they usually run out by 7:30, so if you want one, you better show up on time. Not a bad idea to tell your waitress/bartender you want one about 10 minutes in advance. Note that they’ve fixed their clocks, so Saucer 7:00 actually occurs at 7:00 now, not 6:52. If you’re a UFO member you should have received an “Important Beer Goddess Video” in your e-mail. You can see what the glass looks like and there’s a quiz at the end good for a $5 gift certificate, redeemable this weekend.

The Broad Avenue art walk is tonight from 6 to 9. It’s sort of their version of the South Main Trolley Art Tour, minus the trolley, and is a good time. Broad is just north of Sam Cooper Blvd. Turn east onto Broad from Hollywood and you’ll see the art galleries about 2 blocks down the street.

Let’s see how football is looking tomorrow… Memphis at UCF at 2:30. Go Tigers! #21 Ole Miss (what a fall from the Top 5 last week, huh?) at Vandy. Go Vandy! Texas A&M vs. Arkansas at a neutral location at 6:30. Go Hogs! Auburn at Tennessee at 6:45. Go Tigers! Dammit I kinda don’t like it that the Tennessee and Arkansas games are on at the same time, because the Saucer will probably put the Tennessee game on most of the TVs.

A few more hours and it’s the weekend… no idea what I’ll get into tonight… suggestions or ideas, let me know.