Just a quick note…

I’m in Little Rock.  My mother is out of the hospital and seems to be recovering well from her surgery.  She even felt like going out to eat at Cracker Barrel tonight, which kinda surprised me.  She can’t lift her arm above her elbow though, so I had to set all the clocks back to standard time for her.

She needed to rest so I’m back at the hotel now.  For those of you who know Little Rock, I’m staying at the LaQuinta Inn on Broadway.  Pretty nice place, with a microwave and fridge in the room and free wireless Internet.  I’m thinking this is going to be the place I stay for all future Little Rock trips.

Okay let’s see here… it’s only 7:30, nowhere near my bedtime… and I’m in Downtown Little Rock… and there’s a Flying Saucer in Downtown Little Rock… sounds like a winner.  I’ll get to try some beers they don’t have in Memphis and get beers number 195, 196, and 197 for my plate done relatively cheaply.

Posting will be somewhat irregular until about Wednesday.