Monday update

Yesterday as I blogged, I mentioned that I was playing another “freeroll” tournament on PokerStars, where I spent my frequent player points to enter but had a chance to win part of a $1,000 cash prize pool. Well, I’m happy to report that I finished in the money… 5499 entered, top 810 positions paid out. I finished 624th.

My prize? Thirty-two portraits of Abraham Lincoln engraved in copper. That’s right, folks. Treinta y dos centavos. 6.4 nickels. 3.2 dimes. A classic example of creating money out of thin air. That’s the American way… what a great country we live in. My bankroll, which started the day at a paltry $536.11, had skyrocketed all the way to $536.43 after the hour and five minutes I spent playing the tournament. Daniel Negreanu and Joe Cada better beware, because I think it’s clear there’s a new big dog on PokerStars’ tables after my performance yesterday.

After the poker tournament, I went to Sunday Fun Day at the Saucer, then decided to take a trip south to Calhoun’s. I was in the mood for their super-hot habanera hot wings, and ordered 16 of them. People were making bets on how many I could finish. The over/under was established at 14. I was in pain as I made it into the double digits. After a lot of suffering I made it to 15 to beat the over/under.

Due to unexpected rain, I had about a 7 hour stay at Calhoun’s… not a bad place at all to hang out when I’m in the neighborhood. Small but good crowd there last night. Had a good time discussing various topics with the others at the bar, and I played QB1 for a while but kept forgetting to call the plays in time. Thanks to Mikey for the ride there, and Dave for the ride home.

Note to Tiger fans: I read on that due to equipment installation delays, the 7 PM Tiger game will not be broadcast live on WKNO-TV as planned, but will be shown via tape delay at 9.

It’s Monday… that means Pint Nite after work. Not sure if I’ll make it to poker night at the Silly Goose this week.