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It’s 10:40 PM on a Saturday night… not quite the new week yet, but close enough.  It’s time for a new “Brick” Quote of the Week.

We all hung out on the rail for trivia Tuesday night, and Brick was our server.  She does such a good job letting us know where she’s going to be.  For example, at one point she told us, “If anyone needs anything, come knock on the break room door.  I’m going to make a phone call.”

Then she thought about it for a minute and said, “I’m probably going to smoke a cigarette too.”

After she finished her phone/smoke break, she came back out, and a question came up which I immediately knew called for Brick’s expertise.

“What continent’s highest point is the Vinson Massif?”

Brick knew the answer right away.  “Is it France?” she said.

It makes me think, our trivia team had better thank our lucky stars that we won as much as we did for 4 years without Brick’s help.  Sheer luck I guess.  Thank goodness we now have our secret weapon.  With Brick we’re unstoppable.