Looks like the Peabody is taking steps to ensure ample bars at their NYE party

The last time I went to a Peabody New Year’s Eve party was 2004, and I’ve since spent five years complaining about how there weren’t enough bars and the lines were super long.  Well, the Peabody has made a huge effort this year to make its parties a lot more enjoyable – they did a phenomenal job with the rooftop parties last summer.  I’d wondered if similar improvements will be seen in their New Year’s Eve party this year.  Then today I saw this message on Twitter:

@PeabodyMemphis You won’t go thirsty at our New Year’s Eve Party – 26 bars, including Jack Daniel’s, martini, Miller/Coors, and Suck & Blow jello shot bars.

Sounds like they’re on top of things.

Okay two posts in the past five minutes should make up for my lack of a lunchtime post… time to head to Pint Nite.  I’ve already received a text that Brick is working, so hopefully she’ll provide some new quotes.