“Brick” responds to Quote of the Week

A couple of week I posted a quote from waitress “Brick” where she told us that she’s getting her IQ re-done so that it’s almost a 4.0.

One of the managers was teasing her about that quote.  “F*** you,” she responded.  “You know I didn’t mean IQ.  I meant GPS.”

As my friend Clay says, you can’t write this stuff.  Back tomorrow with a new Brick quote.  I have two waiting in the queue, and who knows what she’ll come up with today.

Memphis Roller Derby is homeless – can anyone help?

A member of the Memphis Roller Derby e-mailed this morning, asking for help.  They’ve lost their home, the Youth Building on the fairgrounds.  They’re desperately looking for a permanent home where they can have practice and bout space.

Ideally they need a large open expanse without poles, that can accommodate their 107 foot by 75 foot track.  A space of 12,000 to 15,000 square feet with restrooms and parking would be perfect.

If you have or know of a space they could use, shoot me an e-mail at paul@paulryburn.com and I’ll pass the info along.  Thanks.

Scratch Calhoun’s from the list of places I might go tonight…

…because I’m now hearing from some of their regulars that Max said they won’t be open today.  Apparently the Calhoun’s regulars are texting around trying to figure out what to do tonight.

I’m going to take the netbook home at 5 when the Saucer closes, then come back out and probably park myself at the Silly Goose.  Come join me if you’re looking for something to do.

Pics from the past week

I’m unexpectedly in town for the weekend – trip to Little Rock has been cancelled.  So now I have to figure out what to do with myself… since the Saucer closes at 5 today, I’ll probably make the Silly Goose my base of operations, with possible stops at either Bardog or Calhoun’s early in the evening.

Since I have some free time, let’s see what I have on the camera’s memory card from the past week.

Here’s a pic of the Nuh-Uh Girl enjoying one of several plates from the free buffet at Kooky Canuck’s Christmas party Thursday night.

My third plate, which was unveiled Saturday.

Despite her section being in the other room, Brick still found time to come over to our party Saturday and sit on her ass and tell us how bored she was and play with her phone.  I mistakenly called her “Meghan” for some reason.  She didn’t like that at all.

Brick wanted to play darts with us.  Some of the gang were hesitant to let her.  “If the manager sees her, she’ll get in trouble,” they said.

“Yeah, but if we let her play, there’s a chance we’ll get a view up her skirt when she throws,” I pointed out.

Someone ordered a pretzel at the party and it was sitting on our table.  “If the Nuh-Uh Girl sees that, she’s going to swoop in on it like a pigeon,” said Bicycle Bobby.  Sure enough, not even a minute later, there she was.

The band at the DNA/SMA holiday party Sunday night.  Richard from FreeWorld must be wondering if I’m stalking him.  That was the third time I’d seen him in less than 48 hours.

The downstairs party room at Metro 67 was really nice.  It’s in a converted bank vault, and it has pool, ping-pong and foosball.

Here’s a pic of the Nuh-Uh Girl eating at the DNA/SMA party.

The buffet at the DNA/SMA party, with food from Downtown restaurants, caterers, and food vendors.

The Nuh-Uh Girl and her sister swoop in on the dessert tray.

Okay, I have to pause here to tell a quick story before I continue with photos.  Sunday night I was at the DNA/SMA party, holding a piece of pumpkin bread.  The Nuh-Uh Girl saw me, and whipped out her camera and said, “Now I’m going to get a pic of you eating!”

“No one cares if I eat,” I told her.  “The thing is, I don’t eat all the time.  When I go to these parties, I have one plate.  Maybe two if I’m really starving.  Not six or seven.  And I don’t go around picking food off other people’s plates all night.”

So we had a standoff for about three minutes, with her waiting for me to eat the pumpkin bread, and me refusing to eat it so she could get a picture.  Finally she broke down and said, “…can I have a bite?” and she broke off half my piece of pumpkin bread and ate it.

Okay, back to pics.

This is the best I’ve ever seen Old Lazy Ass look.  After the DNA/SMA party I stopped by the Saucer Sunday night, and Bicycle Bobby had ridden his scooter up there.  Brittney put on his helmet.  Not only does it hide part of Brittney’s face, but it muffles her voice when she talks.  Perfect.  She should wear a helmet all the time when she bartends.

Someone who’d never been to the Saucer before asked Britt what her favorite beer was.  She said Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan.  It takes lazy to know lazy, I guess.

On to last night… after being stuck at 199 beers for 10 months, Stephanie finally finished her 200th beer and had her plate party.

The unveiling of Stephanie’s plate.

I do have a bone to pick with Stephanie, however.  When I had my plate party Saturday, Stephanie was happy to show up and help herself to free beer.  But did she reciprocate last night?  No.  Her plate party was “ladies only.”

The thing that really gets me is, AMANDA F’ING ECKERSLEY got free beer and I didn’t.  Something is really, really wrong with the world when that happens.  I wonder how many times Amanda used the word “Ptolemy” in conversation in the two hours she was there… I’d guess between 70 and 80.

That’s all the pics, but more stuff to come… it’s about to start raining again, but I think if I stick my netbook in my leather jacket, it’ll be OK to make the trip to the Saucer for some Fire Sale Blue Moon.

Lansky says “we’re open too”

I forgot to add a “shopping” category when I posted “who’s open Christmas Eve/Day” yesterday.  Lansky at the Peabody sent me the holiday hours for their stores.  Here they are:

OPEN Christmas Eve: 9a-6p
Lansky 126, Lansky at the Peabody, Lansky Lucky Duck, Lansky Essentials

OPEN Christmas Day:
9a-6p Lansky Lucky Duck and Lansky Essentials

9a-2p Lansky at the Peabody

New Year’s Eve: 9a-6p
Lansky 126, Lansky at the Peabody, Lansky Lucky Duck, Lansky Essentials

New Year’s Day: 9a-9p
Lansky 126, Lansky at the Peabody, Lansky Lucky Duck, Lansky Essentials

Kooky Canuck to celebrate Christmas two days early with inexpensive beer

This is the first of several quick lunchtime posts… eating a Mac Snack Wrap as I type this… it’s like a Big Mac, but as a wrap rather than with a bun.  Not too bad.

Kooky Canuck will celebrate Christmas two days early by offering $2 34 oz. super cold Bud Light from open to close tomorrow, Wednesday, December 23.  If I weren’t heading out of town tomorrow after work, that’s where I’d be!

Also, if you haven’t joined their fan page on Facebook, be sure to do so, to keep track of their upcoming parties and events.