Pants on the ground. Pants on the ground. Lookin’ like a Brick with your pants on the ground

This week’s “Brick” Quote of the Week is going to be the shortest quote yet.

“Oh, F**K!!!”

I guess I should put that in context.  In the summer when it’s warm, many of the girls who work at the Saucer wear their uniforms to work.  However, in winter, it’s kind of chilly in a tank top and miniskirt, so usually they wear their street clothes to work and change in the restroom at the beginning of their shift.  They then put their street clothes in bags and stick them in a cabinet.

So, one day Brick came to work, and about 30 minutes later a female customer walked out of the restroom and went up to one of the managers.  “Are you a manager?” she asked.  “I’m not sure what’s going on, but there’s a pair of women’s jeans and women’s panties lying on the floor in the restroom.”

Brick, who was standing nearby, said, “Oh, F**K!!!” and ran to the restroom to retrieve her clothes.  Brick has managed to learn to change clothes by herself, quite an accomplishment for her, but remembering to pick up the clothes she changed out of is still a challenge.

You’d think, having left her clothes lying on the floor once, she’d learn her lesson and not do it again.  But about a week later, one of the other waitresses came out of the restroom, and she proceeded to show a pic she’d taken with her cell phone cam to everyone else working there.  It was a pic of jeans and panties lying on the floor of the women’s room.  When she showed it to Brick, Brick said “Oh, F**K!!!” and darted off to the restroom.

Remember in kindergarten, how the teacher used to pin notes to our parents to our shirts, so we wouldn’t lose them on the way home?  Perhaps Brick should pin a note to her shirt, saying “pick your clothes up off the floor,” along with other important things she needs to remember, like “My name is Katie,” “flip the switch up to turn the lights on, down to turn them off,” and “turn the faucet handle to the right for cold water, to the left for hot water” (although she’s not the only one at the Saucer who has trouble with that last one).

It’s Sunday morning and I just got back from my run to Jack’s Food Store.  They have Mountain Dew Throwback with real sugar.  I bought three of them.  I admit I don’t have a complete concept of what heaven looks like, but I’m pretty sure there’s Mountain Dew Throwback there.  And PBR.

I’ve got a bunch of stuff I need to post today, so check back.