Thur update: Honest mechanics, Soup Sunday, beer festivals, photo show, Haiti benefit

Memphis has showed up as #1 on a new “city rankings” list, and this time it’s something we can be proud of. The CA reports that Memphis is #1 for fair and accurate prices for auto repair. We have honest mechanics here!

I’ve mentioned them before, but I’ll add my recommendation again… Quality Auto on Jefferson just east of Third. All the times I’ve been in there, I’ve been given great service and very reasonable prices. They even told me I didn’t need work I thought needed done. Give ’em a try if your car needs service and you don’t have a regular mechanic.

Soup Sunday at the FedExForum is this Sunday from 11-2, where you can taste soup from dozens of different restaurants and support Youth Villages. I’ll say the same thing I say every year… if you plan on going, get there at 10:55. Even by 11:30 the lines get ridiculously long, and by noon some of the more popular restaurants start to run out of soup.

I’ll probably pass on it this year… if I get up early Sunday morning (always a big if), I think I’ll walk down to Spindini and give their new brunch buffet a try.

Here’s a CA article on the upcoming beer festivals in Memphis this spring. It’s a great season to be a beer lover.

Stuff going on tonight: Photographer Kyle Blair has his “South Main in Pictures” exhibit at South of Beale at 8:00. At 9 there’s a benefit concert for Haiti at the Hard Rock Cafe.

I was going to stay home tonight and do some more work on the new blog I’m creating, but a Fire Sale of Leiney Wheat is probably going to get me out of the apartment. With no rain in the forecast, I suppose there’s no reason I couldn’t take the netbook to the bar and work on the blog there.

Still leaning heavily toward that MacBook purchase… finding more and more reasons to justify it. I don’t feel like I have to have the best car, or the best clothes… but I do feel like I need the best computer. And Macs are the best computers.

That’ll do it for now… I have an exciting afternoon reading and interpreting web stats in front of me, so back to work.