Fri update: River City Brewers Festival, MPACT Soul of the City gala, CA profiles, Bardog tweet, plans for the weekend

Good news for people attending the River City Brewers Festival afternoon session (12-4) on March 13: Right as the beer tasting wraps up, the St. Pat’s parade on Beale Street will begin! So you’ll be good and drunk for the parade! There’s also a 6-10 evening session if you prefer that one. Friends who attend a lot of beer fests tell me that these things sell out, so if you want to go, best to get your tickets now.

MPACT Memphis has announced that tickets to their “Soul of the City” gala at Central Station on March 12 will now include complimentary beer and wine all night. At this event you’ll be able to watch the Mpact Maker awards ceremony and get a copy of their newly-released Voice of Mpact Survey. There will also be gourmet food by Crave Catering, music by the Daddy Mack Blues Band, and there will be old school prom photos for you and your date. Tickets are $50 and you can buy them here.

Cocktail attire? Does that mean I have to wear a tie if I go? Yuk.

In the news: A Downtown chef was profiled in the CA’s “Meet the Chef” this week: Kjeld Petersen at the Inn at Hunt Phelan.

Meanwhile, over in the business section, IT recruiter Diane Tabulog was profiled. If you’re in IT and are looking for a job, or if you’re a hiring manager looking to fill a position, DIANE IS AWESOME. When I was job-hunting in 2007, she contacted me. She and another account exec took me to lunch at Sauces and did a great job asking questions to pinpoint the type of work envirnoment I prefer. She then set me up on an interview, and she did a great job prepping me in advance and gave me a leather VACO Technologies portfolio to take to the interview. It turned out that I ended up taking a different position, but I could not have been more impressed with Diane. Great person to know if you’re in IT.

Yay, Bardog is finally tweeting their specials! “Baked ziti bolognase grilled airline chicken citrus mustard bbq chicken noodle soup happy friday to all next week eggplant parmesan,” they tweeted. Follow them at @bardogtavern.

Shaping up to be a good weekend. Tonight I’ll start the evening with a Happy Hour beer at the Saucer, then head south for the South Main Trolley Tour around 7.

Tomorrow night is the Red Square Reunion at Nocturnal in Midtown, so I’ll probably hop a cab and do that. Hmmm Red Square closed in 1995, so the youngest legal customer was born in 1977 (because no one EVER got in underage there, yeah right)… so it will be a party full of club kids 33 and up. In an e-mail earlier this month, the elusive and mysterious Kimmy Kim indicated she may return to Memphis for the event… don’t know if she’s here or not though… I suppose she wouldn’t be elusive if I did know. Looking at the “attending” list on Facebook is quite interesting… several people I haven’t seen in more than a decade.

Considering taking Sunday Fun Day off. The thing is, Sunday is by far the best day for online poker tournaments. Not only do the most people play, but the most bad players play on Sunday. I have a feeling I’m giving up a potential gold mine by not being on PokerStars. A miserable 50-degree, gloomy Sunday is one I mind giving up less than a sunny 75-degree Sunday Fun Day when the Saucer has the windows open. Hopefully we’ll get some of those next month.

Check back this weekend… I’ll be rolling out a new blog, and I got a picture of the $125-value stein the Saucer gives you when you finish your 8th plate.