Announcing my newest blog: Paul Ryburn’s Poker Blog

I’m now ready to announce the launch of my newest blog – Paul Ryburn’s Poker Blog.

I got the idea for this blog last Saturday, when I played two large tournaments on PokerStars.  I had a notebook handy and took notes on hands where I made mistakes, hands I played well, and any other observations I had about the play of the game.  Afterward I thought, “I’m going to play more tournaments – maybe I should type all my notes into a Word document, so I have them all in one place.”

But then I looked over the notes, and thought, why not make them a blog?  That way, other people can read my notes as well, and we can all learn together.  So I set up WordPress in a new folder and got busy.  A week later, after a lot of tweaks to WordPress’s Atahualpa theme (which is VERY cool by the way), it’s ready for public viewing.

This will allow me to talk about poker more, without boring the 90% of my readership on this blog who don’t care about the game.  I have posts scheduled daily for the next week.  At some point I’ll probably slow down to every other day.

I hope you enjoy the new blog – and don’t worry, I don’t plan on it slowing down the post schedule on this blog at all.