… six hundred, seven hundred, eight hundred, nine hundred…

Ah, Sunday.  The start of a new week.  Which means it’s time once again for the “Brick” Quote of the Week.

First, however, I have another pic of Brick.  Here she is posing with a bottle of “No Wimps Allowed” habanero hot sauce.

So anyway, Friday night, Brick was working the evening shift, and the manager told her she was cut.  “You can go home,” he told her.  “But before you do, the dining room has to be spotless.”

“I’m on it!” Brick exclaimed.  “I’ve already picked up about ten hundred glasses.”

Just got up.  Time to make my morning run to Walgreens for Mountain Dew.  At 11:00 I’m going to enter a $3.30 tournament on PokerStars with thirty hundred starting chips.  After the tournament I’ll go out.