Wed update: Majestic Easter brunch, SOB Sunday brunch start date, Peabody rooftop parties (they’re getting rid of the stupid drink tickets!), Grizzlies mobile app, Escape Alley Sundry

The Majestic Grille is serving a special Easter Brunch menu in addition to their usual Sunday brunch and lunch menus. Options will include Spring Asparagus Soup, Lobster Benedict, Seafood Wellington, and Roasted Loin of Niman Farms Lamb. They’ll have live music by the Rudy E. Scheidt School of Music from the U of M. Reservations are required – call 901-522-8555 to make reservations.

Attn Sunday Fun Day crew: With the Saucer not open until 5 on Easter, what’s the plan for Sunday Fun Day? I could stay home and either do websites or play poker until 5, but the forecast is sunny with a high of 77… I hate to waste such a beautiful day.

South of Beale has announced the date of their first Sunday brunch – it will be Sunday, April 25.

Last night I was at the Saucer, and before and after trivia I did affiliate website work on my netbook. At one point I created a new text file to save info for a new Twitter account I created, and when I saved it I noticed a file called “i love katie.txt” in My Documents. Looks like I’m going to have to start locking the computer when I step away from it. I’m shocked that Brick actually knows how to create and save a text document. We won trivia, by the way.

I got some news from the Peabody this morning about their spring rooftop parties:

– They’re getting rid of the stupid drink tickets!!! Thank goodness. Those things were nothing but a hassle. They’ll have credit card machines at every bar.

– Admission will increase from $5 to $10, but now includes your first drink, so it’s really a “wash” since some parties last year were $5 and others were $10 depending on the act that was performing. Ladies free until 7.

– More time to party – they’re going until 10:30 PM this year.

– They’ll continue to have light snacks in the Skyway, and in the VIP area.

– More up-and-coming national recording artists will be showcased this year.

– Lord T & Eloise, Ryan Peel, and national recording artist Kevin Rudolf on April 15

– Rhoney G on April 22

– Party Planet on April 29

I just found out today that there’s a Grizzlies mobile app. I’ll definitely be downloading it on my iPhone today after work. There’s also a version available for the CrapBerry.

Here’s another article on Escape Alley Sundry. I have got to check this place out.

The netbook and I will be back at the Saucer after work. Sucks to have a head full of exciting affiliate marketing ideas and to not be able to implement any of them until after 5 PM. With a Grizzlies game tonight (vs. Mavericks at 7) I wonder if the Saucer will be less than an ideal work environment… will move next door to the Silly Goose if that proves to be the case.