I finally made it to De Ja’ Vu

I finally got to De Ja’ Vu, the Creole restaurant on Florida, to try their food.  Tiny little place – only 6 tables.  It was busy and I felt guilty about taking up a 4-top table all by myself, so I ordered food to go.  I’m eating the Big Keith’s Bayou Classic as I type this – it’s tilapia (you can choose catfish if you prefer) topped with a creamy reduction of fresh lump crabmeat, crawfish, and shrimp.  It comes with cornbread and two sides – I chose red beans and rice and greens as my sides.  I took a pic but it didn’t come out that well – digital cameras don’t like styrofoam boxes much.

I definitely plan on going back to try more of their fare.  I’m thinking next time I’ll have the Alligator Stew.  Check out their website, and they also have their menu on Mark’s Menus.

Sad news: Charlie Vergos of the Rendezvous has died

Action News 5 is reporting that Charlie Vergos, who opened the Rendezvous in 1948, has died in his sleep at age 84.  The article notes that “everybody who’s anybody” has been to the Rendezvous, and that’s certainly true.  I remember President Bush bringing the Japanese Prime Minister there after a Graceland visit in 2006.

My condolences to Mr. Vergos’ family and friends.

Sat update: Mark’s Menus, The City Taste, DIY jockey box

I had a great conversation with one of the people who run Mark’s Menus last night.  If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a site that puts local restaurant menus online.  They currently have 183 Memphis restaurants listed.  If you’re considering trying a new restaurant, it’s a way to check out their menu in advance and figure out what you want before you even step in the door.  Better yet, they offer reviews on a dish-by-dish basis, so you can read what other people think are the best dishes.  You can also search by dish – for example, if you’re hungry for spaghetti, you can find the best places to get it.  Great concept and one that has been needed in Memphis for a long time.  It’s amazing how many restaurants have no online presence at all.

I’ll say this once again – if you’re not a member of “The City Taste” group on Facebook, you should be.  Last night they sent out an e-mail about Trolley Night on South Main, along with a list of suggested restaurants in the area.  Very good resources for discovering new places to dine!

Beer lovers:  Lifehacker had an article yesterday about a do-it-yourself jockey box that will pour your beer cold.  A mini-keg fits nicely inside.

Just got up… going to spend a few minutes setting up AdWords campaigns, then I think I will drive to Deja Vu, the Creole restaurant on Florida that I’ve been meaning to try forever.  Was going to ride the bike but laziness has prevailed.

Fri update: Memphis Google, Summitt as duckmaster, Youn Guns, MIFA Day of Service, breakfast on Beale, and more

The Memphis application for Google Fiber will be submitted today at noon. If you’re on Twitter, please tweet at noon to wish Memphis luck, and include the #memphisgoogle hashtag.

Pat Summitt, coach of the UT Lady Vols and the winningest basketball coach in NCAA history, will be the honorary Duckmaster today at 5 PM at the Peabody. The team is in town for the NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship playoffs, which will take place at the FedExForum March 26-29.

It may surprise people to hear me say this, but… go Lady Vols! I’m not normally a fan of the University of Tennessee. Their fans suck, their football team is a bunch of underachievers, and their men’s basketball coach is the second biggest douchebag in college sports. Pat Summitt, however, is undeniably a legend. It’s impossible to not have respect for someone with so many accomplishments in her field. So women’s basketball is the one sport for which I root for UT.

Wondering what the health bill will mean for you? The Washington Post has a calculator where you can input your income, marital status, age, and number of dependents, and it will tell you what health care reform will mean for you. I put my info in, and it told me there would be no change in my insurance or tax status. Just for kicks, I decided to see what would happen if my company gave me a 100% raise. Still no change in my taxes.

Everyone knows I’m a fan of the hard rockin’ teenage band the Young Guns. They’ll play the Hard Rock this Saturday, March 27, along with Brittany Russell & The Trunk Monkeys, and The Summers.

MIFA is having its 11th annual Day of Reflection and Service this Saturday. Join them in their parking lot at 910 Vance at 9:30 for a complimentary breakfast, and at 10 Mayor Wharton will speak. Sponsored by ServiceMaster. Event is free and open to the public.

Beale Street tweeted that starting next week, you’ll have two options for breakfast on Beale: Miss Polly’s Chicken and Waffles, and Lil’ Anthony’s Cafe Breakfast and Soul Food. Follow the street at @BealeStreetMphs for the latest updates.

Plans for tonight: Going to talk websites and iPhone apps over a beer at the Saucer tonight after work, then will head south for South Main Trolley Night.

More to come this weekend: Info on the Madison rooftop parties for April, and a Grizzlies deal for Downtowners.

A Top-Flight meal

I went on a supper club outing to Flight with my neighbors last night.  Here are a few pics.

Grouper, scallops, and veal

Creme brulee flight (thanks Brenta for the recommendation)

Food food food!

Definitely an outstanding meal.  I’m gonna have to find an excuse to go back there and find some of the dishes I didn’t try last night.

Off to work… I have several items starred for blogging in Gmail, so there will probably be a lunchtime post.

Easter Keg clue revealed, thanks to Brick

I know it’s late, but it’s time once again for the “Brick” Quote of the Week.

The Saucer is running a “find the Easter keg” contest.  They posted their 4th clue recently, which references a 20th century “It” Girl.  I summoned Brick and asked, “Who’s the 20th Century ‘It’ Girl?”

Brick thought for a minute, then replied:


Thur update: Sinkhole, Flight, free crawfish, Escape Alley Sundry, exclusive Elvis shirts at Lansky

The sinkhole that is blocking two lanes of I-240 in East Memphis now has its own fan page on Facebook. Search for “The Sinkhole” to become a fan. As of this writing, it has 135 fans already. Not surprised to see it’s so popular! The sinkhole is the most interesting thing to happen ’round these parts since the manatee showed up in the Wolf River Harbor several years ago.

My apartment building Number 10 Main is having a supper club outing for its residents tonight at Flight tonight. I’ve been reading the menu this morning, trying to figure out what to order. Speaking of Flight, they’re having a Ferrari-Carano wine dinner next Monday at 7. Go to their website to view the menu.

Starting tomorrow, March 26, visit CityAuto.com daily for a chance to win a bucket of crawfish at the Porter-Leath Rajun Cajun Crawfish Fest on Sunday, April 18. They’ll be giving away buckets of crawfish through April 17.

Escape Alley Sundry at 651 Marshall (corner of General Washburn’s Escape Alley) has their grand opening tomorrow night, Friday, March 26. Misti Rae Warren and Davy Ray Bennett, 6 to 8 PM tomorrow, $5. Happy hour 4 to 6 Tue-Sat.

Lansky at the Peabody has teamed up with Robert Stock, designer for Robert Graham, to create two new Elvis-themed sportshirts that are licensed by Elvis Presley Enterprises. Only 300 have been made, and they are only available at Lansky’s store or online. Each shirt is hand-numbered. The shirts are hand-numbered and are pictured below.

Also stop by Lansky 126, around the corner from Lansky Bros. in the Peabody lobby. They have a new line of clothing for guys all under $58, including slub jersey tees, polos, short-sleeve and long-sleeve shirts.

Dinner isn’t until 7:30, so I’ll probably pop in the Saucer for a couple of happy hour beers before I head to Flight.  I’ll take the camera and try to get some pics of the food.  Several friends of mine have said it’s become their favorite restaurant, so I’m excited to give the food a try.

Late night

I ended up staying home last night.  I walked through the Saucer about 6, but it was packed full of people in suits, so I just came home.  I did a couple of hours of affiliate marketing, then at 9:00 I entered a No-Limit Omaha Hi/Lo freeroll tournament on PokerStars.  8720 entrants, top 72 advance to a prize round at a later date.

The good news?  I made it to the top 72.  I finished 14th actually.

The bad news?  The tournament took longer than expected.  It ended at 2 AM.

I hope I don’t fall asleep at my desk today.