Tue update: Foursquare, worst company in America, Bobby Rush CSF fundraiser, yoga, tipping

If you’re on Foursquare and you check in at work, be careful about comments you make along with your check-in, especially if you work for a large corporation. Big companies have Thought Police that search for anything negative said about them. If you leave a negative comment with your check-in and it goes to Twitter, the Thought Police will see it and corporate will contact your supervisor to reprimand you. This has happened to multiple people I know in recent weeks.

This won’t come as a surprise to anyone: Consumerist.com surveyed its readers, who voted Comcast as the worst company in America. You won’t hear any argument from me. Ticketmaster was the runner-up, and again, I can’t disagree.

On Friday, May 7, Bobby Rush will host a special fundraiser for the Center for Southern Folklore. Tickets are $50, or you can purchase a Golden Circle Ticket for $100 which will give you priority seating for the concert, as well as the chance to dine and talk with Mr. Rush before the show. Doors open at 6:30. Call 525-3655 or visit the Center’s website to purchase tickets.

If you’ve ever wanted to give yoga a try, master instructor Grace Harwood from Midtown Yoga will give a free class tomorrow in Court Square. It will run from 11:45 to 1:15, and it’s part of the CCC’s Downtown Alive! lunchtime series.

Interesting article on the Memphis Flyer site on tipping.

Time for trivia at the Saucer.  The Rapscallions have been absolutely unstoppable lately, having amassed winnings of $525 to be used at a future party.  Hopefully we’ll add $50 more this week.

If you’re looking for something else fun to do, don’t forget that it’s Super Tuesday at Kooky Canuck, with their massive $34 oz. signature drinks only $5.  After trivia I may not be up for one of those, but I imagine I’ll at least stop by Kooky for a Super Cold Bud Light on the way home.

Also, Stepbrothers play the Silly Goose tonight.  Usually their start time is around 9.

Outta here, on the way to trivia.  Low in the mid 40s tonight.  This may be the last time I can wear the PBR hoodie this season.