Brad Birkedahl at Flying Saucer tonight

Brad Birkedahl, formerly the guitarist of the Dempseys, will play the Flying Saucer tonight.  Rockabilly, rock and roll, and ’70s Elvis are on the musical menu.  Only a $3 cover and you won’t get rained on.

It’s the beginning of a weekend of sleepless nights for me.  Even on the 13th floor, people will be walking by yelling “WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” at all hours of the night loud enough to wake me up.  Seriously, if you’re not Ric Flair don’t do that.

Time to head to work… of course, I’ll be stopping at the Circle K in Horn Lake for a Mountain Dew on the way there… gotta defend my newest mayorship.  People ask, “Isn’t it kind of lame to check in at Circle K?”  No.  Now, if Circle K had a gym in their basement, and I added it as a separate venue just so I could check in and become mayor, that would be lame.