Sat update: Big margaritas, coffee, Electrocity at the Hard Rock tonight, Wharton/homelessness, the duck and the chicken, and more

Last night I popped in Kooky Canuck for a quick beer, and Terry the GM came over to talk.  Earlier this week, I posted about Kooky’s upcoming Cinco de Mayo party, with one of the specials being $3 margaritas.  Terry filled in a detail I didn’t know… those will be $3 THIRTY-FOUR OUNCE margaritas.  Yep, I guess my Cinco de Mayo plans have been made.

I stopped and said hello to Shawn on the way out.  “You know how you’re always saying, ‘Let me know if you need me to reserve a table for you?'” I told him.  “Well, I’d like to reserve the floor in front of the jukebox as my spot to pass out about 8:30 Wednesday night.”

Take a look at Mississippi Mud, the coffee company Cockadoos will be using when they open on Second later this month.

If you’re looking for something different to do tonight, ELECTROCITY invades Beale Street tonight at the Hard Rock.  Here’s a flyer:

DJs Yo! Santos, b.thornburg, Hype Taylor, Matthew Ess, tag sets, and whatever else they feel like doing until 5 AM.  Show starts at 10 PM.  $2 Bud and Bud Light bottles.  $5 cover.  Check out Electrocity’s website here.

Mayor Wharton announced a 10-year plan to end homelessness in Memphis yesterday.  Way to go Mr. Mayor!  I wonder why King Willie never addressed the homeless issue when he was mayor?  Wharton’s done more in his first 6 months as mayor than Willie did in the last eight years of his reign.

I most definitely am NOT going to Music Fest today, or at any point this weekend… agenda for the day involves the Saucer, Beale Street, a quick stop by Kooky, maybe a trip to the Silly Goose to see if Brick is working.  Here’s a little inside info for you… the managers at the Saucer refer to the Silly Goose as “the duck” and the Red Rooster as “the chicken.”  Anyway, time to put on one of the Hawaiian shirts I bought yesterday and get out in the rain.