I learn… and I teach

Last night the Bluff City Brewers did a presentation at the Saucer.  Terry the manager called me over to meet them.  “It’s not hard at all to make your own beer,” they told me.  They went over the steps, and there were about two of them.

“So, let’s say there was a style of beer I liked,” I asked them.  “Maybe, cherry wheat.”  I love Sam Adams Cherry Wheat.

“You could brew it easily.  Just follow the steps and add cherry extract,” they told me.  “It would probably cost you $50 to make 48 bottles.  That’s about a dollar a bottle.  As compared to what it would cost here at the Saucer, which is…”

“WHOAAAAA!” Terry interjected.  “Let’s not sell him too hard on homebrewing.”

But you know what’s funny?

Look what the guy on the right is drinking.  That’s a “Paulie Lager,” a Dos Equis Lager with 8 limes.

I learn and I teach.