Can you guess what she’s texting?

“omg omg omg the pbody rooftop is doing a jerzy shore nite i bet there are going to be lots of hott guys there i need to schedule a 6 hour tanning session to get ready then i need to buy a new outfit wall mart is having a sale”

Yep, it’s true… on Thursday, June 3 (not this coming Thursday but the next one), the theme of the weekly Peabody rooftop party will be Jersey Shore.  PBR and Sparks will be the featured beers, and the food buffet will consist of Coney Island hot dogs, cheddar popcorn, and onion rings.  In VIP there will be fried clam po-boys, fried fish fingers, and wheels of cheddar cheese.  The Mudflap Kings will be on stage, although I don’t think the band has anything to do with the theme.

Allergies nearly killed me this morning, so I called in… didn’t think my cubicle mates would appreciate listening to me sneeze 100 times.  The Walgreens version of Claritin-D has finally kicked in, and after a long nap I’m somewhat better now.  Unusual for it to be 3 PM before I pop open the first Mountain Dew of the day.  Anyway, that’s why there was no lunchtime post sometime between 11 and 2 today.

Inbox is approaching 100 messages again, and I see several things in there that look like they need to be in a future post… will go through them shortly.  But first, I think it’s time for another nap.