Pics: trivia party XV/Easter Keg party/Chad’s plate party

Last night the group gathered at the Saucer for our most massive party ever.  Over the past three months we won $475 in Saucer gift certificates at Tuesday night trivia.  We also had another $100 for finding the Easter Keg last month.  Team member Chad had his plate party last night, adding $100 more for a total of $675.

We always invite the trivia masters to our parties.  This is the first time in several parties that both Pete the Trivia Guy and Mikey the Trivia Guy have both been able to attend.

A couple of days ago, I had a talk with Bicycle Bobby.  “We may need your help,” I said.  “This tab is so enormous that I’m afraid we’ll die if we don’t get some people in here to help us drink it.”  Bicycle Bobby immediately offered to step up and help us take care of the problem.

Chad did something rather unusual:  He finished 200 beers to get a plate without paying full price for any of them.  Every one of them was a Pint Nite beer, or Fire Sale or happy hour, or were purchased with a gift certificate.  In the pic above, Brittney announces Chad’s accomplishment.

The group watching the unveiling of the plate

Happy Chad

Chad wasn’t the only one having a plate party last night.  Here’s Brittney announcing Minnesota Dave’s plate.

After the party ended and a stop on Beale, I was ready to call it a night, but Lana and Sarah convinced me to come in Kooky Canuck for a beer.

Full photo album (34 pics) here. My camera seems to have trouble adjusting to lighting conditions at the Saucer.  Big thanks to Jessica, who did an AMAZING job as our server.  Several times, right as I finished the last sips of my Dos Equis Lager, she walked up with another one.  Also big thanks to my teammates who tipped generously.  I am proud to be around people who understand the importance of taking good care of our servers and bartenders.

And now it’s Sunday Fun Day.  Not hungry yet, so skipping brunch, but I’ll be at the Saucer at 12.  I’m sending “good Fire Sale” vibes that direction…