Tube Top Month will begin early

My readers have spoken.  The votes have been overwhelmingly in favor of beginning Tube Top Month early, so that Memorial Day weekend can be a part of it.  This was the best of the arguments in favor of the change:

My vote is to start it early. Friday at 5 pm sounds like a great way to kick off a holiday weekend. As a side note, I think you should give special recognition to anyone wearing a traditional tube top. It’s like playing punch bug with VWs. Sure you get points for a new one, but it’s extra special when you find a vintage model. Let the quest for the lime green, 70s-style tube top begin!

Great idea.  Tube Top Month will begin Friday, May 28 at 5 PM.  So put on your tube top for Trolley Night or Sunset Symphony this weekend, and let the party begin!