Tue update: Bardog morning run, lunch with Michael Patrick, MPACT birthday, Make-a-Wish Masquerade

Bardog Tavern has organized a Monday night run for the past month or so… I haven’t participated, but I’ve heard that it’s been successful. Now they’re organizing a Bardog Breakfast Run, starting tomorrow morning… meet at 7 AM for a 5-7 mile run, followed by breakfast and a bloody mary or two.

Mesquite Chop House has announced that it’s now open all weekdays from 11 to 2 for “Lunch with Michael Patrick.” Come enjoy lunch created by one of Downtown’s most talented chefs.

Don’t forget that Mpact Memphis’ 9th birthday party is tonight at Bardog Tavern at 6 PM. Members will enjoy an open bar from 6 to 7 and free appetizers (wonder if the Nuh-Uh Girl will show up). There will be opportunities to hook up with local nonprofits. Trivia team: Since I’m an Mpact member, I’ll be late tonight. Not missing out on an open bar!

Don’t forget that there’s a masquerade ball at the Silly Goose tomorrow night at 9 to benefit Make-a-Wish. $200 to the person wearing the best mask.

All right, time to get out of the cubicle prison for a few minutes.  I’m thinking Steak’n’Shake for the second day in a row.