Wed update: Mpact recap, Grill 83 brunch, don’t drink and drive this weekend

Here’s a recap of MPACT Memphis’ 9th birthday party at Bardog Tavern last night: I drank a PBR. Then I drank another PBR. Then I drank another PBR.  I think someone was speaking about volunteer opportunities but I was too busy drinking PBR to listen.  Then I drank another PBR.

No, but seriously, happy 9th birthday to MPACT. I’m not that active in the organization anymore, but I can attest to the fact that it works. Having been an active member 5-8 years ago, I now know people on the Mayor’s staff, people on the school board, people on the City Council, people who are involved with local nonprofits, etc. MPACT really delivers on its promise to get the next generation of leaders working together at an early age. It’s also a good way to meet other young professionals. If you’re looking to meet more people and get more involved in the Memphis community, you should definitely check it out.

While there, MPACT member Susie asked what kind of conditioner I use on my hair. She told me that women want to know, because they admire the way my hair holds up in the heat. Trouble is, I couldn’t remember the name of it for several minutes, because to me it’s “the stuff in the tube.” I finally remembered it’s a Pantene product. I guess I’ll take pics of my shampoo and conditioner and do a blog post about it.

Amanda was there as well. Now usually, I have a rule of thumb – “if it’s a party Amanda is attending, it will probably suck.” For example, tea parties, Kentucky Derby big hat parties, Young Republicans parties, Ptolemy parties. However, MPACT parties are the rare exception where Amanda and I can agree to agree, although I did snicker when she mentioned “festive headwear, you know I’ll be there” on the Facebook event page.

So anyway, Amanda was doing an informal survey of men. I guess I shouldn’t skew the results by publishing the questions. Results of her survey will appear in a post on another blog later this week. I’ll link to it once it’s published.

In other news, Grill 83 is doing a new brunch on both Saturday and Sunday, featuring new twists on Southern-style food items and heavily using locally grown and produced food products. Highlights include Memphis barbecue Benedict, banana-stuffed French toast, several varieties of pancakes, a salmon BLT, and a fried green tomato sandwich. Call 901-333-1224 for reservations.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol will have 70 checkpoints in place this weekend. This is not a good time to drink and drive! Find a designated driver, take a cab, or do I like do and live Downtown and walk everyplace!

Rapscallions took second in trivia last night, so that’s the start of our next party tab. Off to lunch. No definite plans for tonight, but I will surely be out.