Friday 1 AM. Not passed out yet. So it’s time for a post

I stopped by the Peabody rooftop party tonight, and at the risk of this becoming the “Nuh-Uh Blog,” I want to share pics of the awesome food spread they put on for their guests.

This was the spread in VIP.  Pita chips, two kinds of olives, hummus, feta cheese, baba ghanoush, Mediterranean rice, chicken wings.  With hummus and baba ghanoush on the menu, I’m surprised I didn’t see my health guru AL.

Andy Childs band onstage

Buffet inside.  Mediterranean fruits, pitas, hummus, make-your-own gyros with beef, lamb, tzatziki sauce (sp?), onions

My make-your-own plate. Pita chip with hummus, lamb gyro with onions and sauce

Finally getting tired.  Time for a healthy 5 hours sleep before work tomorrow.