Two events this week kinda made me reflect on how I’ve changed in the years I’ve lived Downtown.

In 2004 I was heavily involved in MPACT Memphis. I attended most of the meetings of the Promote Memphis and Community Involvement committees, and sometimes the social committee as well. I was on the board. I coordinated several events. I couldn’t imagine a time when MPACT would not be a huge part of my life.

This past Tuesday, I attended their 9th birthday party. I had a good time. Chatted with Gwyn and the board members I knew. Talked to a guy who moved here three weeks ago and was looking for get plugged into the Memphis community, the kind of thing MPACT is perfect for. But it was the second MPACT event I’ve attended this year. Not because of any unhappiness with the organization – I still think it’s great and I recommend it highly. I guess it served its purpose for me. I got plugged in. I found my place in the Memphis community, and the relationships I made in the early days of MPACT have served me well. But I don’t feel the need to be involved on a daily or weekly basis, because it’s got some really strong leaders who are taking MPACT in a good direction. I kind of feel like an alumnus when I’m there. I’ll probably maintain my membership for several more years, though, simply because I want to be able to come to the events and blog about them.

Then, last night I attended the rooftop party at the Peabody. Back in 2004 I anxiously awaited the start of rooftop season, and I’d only miss a party under extremely extenuating circumstances. The parties were a BIG DEAL to me then.

I certainly didn’t have a bad time last night. The parties are much, much better than they were six years ago. Better food, shorter drink lines, more diverse entertainment lineup, many more people. I’m not knocking the rooftop parties at all. I highly recommend them if you’re looking to go out on Thursday night, and I’m extremely grateful to the Peabody for comping me a season VIP pass.

And yet, after about an hour there last night, I felt like I wanted to be back in my comfort zone. Which isn’t the rooftop, where the crowd tends to have a very high-maintenance vibe. I wanted to be somewhere where I felt more at home. Maybe sipping a 34 oz. Bud Light across the street at Kooky Canuck. Or leaning against the stairway rail and sipping a PBR at Bardog. Or watching the Thursday night poker game at Calhoun’s. Or what I ended up doing, going back to the Saucer to join Bicycle Bobby for a beer.

Kinda makes me think… even though I’ve lived at the same address and had basically the same lifestyle for quite a number of years, I have changed. Grown, I guess.

I wonder if, in six years’ time, I’ll have outgrown my desire to hang out at the Saucer almost every day. I wonder if I’ll have outgrown my desire to write a blog. Heck, given my diet and daily alcohol intake, who knows if I’ll even be alive in six years.

Some things don’t change in six years’ time, though – in a few hours, Tube Top Month kicks off for its sixth consecutive year. All tube tops, all month long until June 30. Check back.