Kooky Canuck’s day-before-Memorial-Day celebration: 99 cent Bud Light

Don’t forget that Kooky Canuck is celebrating Memorial Day Eve by offering 99 cent Super Cold Bud Light from open to close Sunday, May 30.  Good chance to drink a lot of beer for cheap.  If it’s the usual schedule, it should be Magan behind the bar for the day shift.  Magan sometimes wears tube tops when she bartends.

Unusual event tonight:  I cut myself off from beer about 9 PM, and it looks like I’m going to get my first night of sleep without any alcohol in my system since before BBQ Fest.  Finally, I’m going to catch up on that precious REM sleep.  I have a recap of Saturday’s events, with a few pics and even a video, but it’ll have to wait until morning.  Time for bed.