A few pics from yesterday

Just found a few pics I took yesterday.  Let’s see what we’ve got on the ol’ camera.

Brick stopped by the Saucer window to talk. She had her Silly Goose work uniform on, including her too-short shorts. She wouldn't let me take a close-up pic of the shorts. :(
After the Saucer I stopped by the Tap Room. A hidden secret of the Tap Room is that they have really good food, because they share a menu and kitchen with King's Palace Cafe. Pictured here is the seafood pasta.
Then I walked to Calhoun's, where the very first thing I saw was the Nuh-Uh Girl eating.
The gang on Calhoun's patio

Technically, I satisfied the tube top requirement in this post, because the Nuh-Uh Girl has a tube top on in the pics, although it’s kind of a tube top fail because it’s being used as a cover-up for a bathing suit.  One or the other, not both!

Just hit Preview… nice to have a WordPress template that does captions properly!

About to head out and the camera will be with me.  Possibly more pics to come.