Mon update: Fireworks, South Main, tube top dresses and more

I found out what caused those two explosions/fireballs at the end of Sunset Symphony fireworks Saturday night.  I was told that they were caused by two 55-gallon drums of unleaded gasoline, and it was not an accident.  Someone thought it would be a good idea to do that on purpose?  Geez.  I guess they wanted something different than the usual ending of a fireworks display.

Good article in the CA about how more businesses are making the move to South Main.  Affordable rents, charming neighborhood, friendly locals.

Just read my early-morning post… man I must have been drunk last night.  I’m still damn proud to get the mayorship of Bardog last night.  It was totally unexpected – I wasn’t really even trying for that one.

And finally, we’ll close this post with a little tube top education.  Tube top dresses, such as the ones pictured below, are acceptable attire for Tube Top Month.

Traditionalists would argue that these don’t really count as tube tops.  I disagree.  Tube dresses weigh more than tube tops, and therefore, there is a stronger pull against gravity and a higher probability that they won’t stay up.  So in a way, tube dresses are better than tube tops.

No big plans for the day… going to set up a new test site so I can play with the WordPress 3.0 release candidate.  After that, probably beer somewhere.