Should I start Tube Top Month early this year?

As you can see on the countdown timer on my right sidebar, there’s hardly more than a week until June 1, the traditional beginning of Tube Top Month.  I’ve celebrated Tube Top Month in my blog for five years now, and it’s caught on to become a city-wide and even a national and international celebration.  It’s an attempt to educate the public about the greatest item ever made in women’s fashion – the tube top.  For the entire month, every post I do will have a pic of a tube top, or a link to a pic of a tube top, or a mention of tube tops no matter how irrelevant tube tops are to the rest of the post.

However, I’m thinking about starting Tube Top Month early this year.  June 1 is a rather depressing back-to-work Tuesday this year, the end of a long Memorial Day weekend.  Seems like it would make more sense to start Tube Top Month at 5 PM on Friday, May 28, so we can include that beautiful party weekend.  In either case it would end on June 30.

What do you think?  I’m going to poll a few people tonight at Pint Nite, and I’ve also asked the question on my Facebook Wall.  Should I be a traditionalist about the date?  Or is Tube Top Month all about having as much fun as possible?

Info on Thursday’s Peabody rooftop party: Middle Eastern theme

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the June 3 Peabody rooftop party will have a Jersey Shore theme, but before we get to that one, we have this Thursday’s rooftop party, May 27.

The entertainment will be Andy Childs, and the theme will be “My Big Fat Middle Eastern Party.” They sent me the buffet menu and WOW this sounds like one of the best of the year. You’ll be able to make your own gyro sandwich with your choice of lamb or beef, pitas, and tzatziki sauce. There will also be hummus with chips, as well as fresh fruits with melons. $10 general admission includes the buffet and your first drink. Ladies free before 7.

If you have a VIP pass, you’ll find more food in VIP. There will be an olive bar, with an assortment of olives, feta cheese, and bread. There will also be curried chicken with rice, and baba ghanoush with pita chips.

Better get there early to get food… the Nuh-Uh Girl has missed the last two parties, but I have a feeling she’ll be there attacking the buffets with a vengeance Thursday night.

Friday’s South Main Trolley Night will be one of the biggest ever

The last Friday of every month is Trolley Night on South Main. The shops and galleries open from 6 to 9 PM. Many of them have sales and discounts, and some of them offer free wine, beer and hors d’oeuvres to entice customers to come in.

This Friday will be the first of their “new, improved” trolley nights, and the South Main Arts District is really pulling out all the stops for this one. There will be a circus theme, with magicians, fire throwers, and sideshow acts. There will also be cotton candy, face painting and artisans, as well as music by a barbershop quartet, DJ Sean, and other bands.

At 9 there will be a free showing of the Indie Memphis award-winning film “Act One.” It’s presented by Old School Pictures and the Memphis Indie Film Festival.

You can also donate to the Red Cross at Trolley Night. They need your help so they can provide relief to victims of the recent flooding across Western and Middle Tennessee.

In addition, if you’re a member of the South Main Association, join the SMA in the parking lot next to Bluff City Coffee beginning at 6 PM. They’ll be grilling burgers, and they’ll have free Boscos beer for members. Free food? Wonder if the Nuh-Uh Girl will show up. Not a member? Enjoy the burgers and beer for a $5 donation, or they’ll be happy to sign you up as an SMA member.

There’s a chance of rain all week, but hopefully by Friday night it will have moved out. With highs predicted in the mid-80s, we should have some stellar weather to look forward to. Don’t forget that Friday night is also the Memphis Zombie Massacre, with the zombie march beginning in South Main. Lots to see and do. This looks like it will be one of the best Trolley Nights ever.

Pics: trivia party XV/Easter Keg party/Chad’s plate party

Last night the group gathered at the Saucer for our most massive party ever.  Over the past three months we won $475 in Saucer gift certificates at Tuesday night trivia.  We also had another $100 for finding the Easter Keg last month.  Team member Chad had his plate party last night, adding $100 more for a total of $675.

We always invite the trivia masters to our parties.  This is the first time in several parties that both Pete the Trivia Guy and Mikey the Trivia Guy have both been able to attend.

A couple of days ago, I had a talk with Bicycle Bobby.  “We may need your help,” I said.  “This tab is so enormous that I’m afraid we’ll die if we don’t get some people in here to help us drink it.”  Bicycle Bobby immediately offered to step up and help us take care of the problem.

Chad did something rather unusual:  He finished 200 beers to get a plate without paying full price for any of them.  Every one of them was a Pint Nite beer, or Fire Sale or happy hour, or were purchased with a gift certificate.  In the pic above, Brittney announces Chad’s accomplishment.

The group watching the unveiling of the plate

Happy Chad

Chad wasn’t the only one having a plate party last night.  Here’s Brittney announcing Minnesota Dave’s plate.

After the party ended and a stop on Beale, I was ready to call it a night, but Lana and Sarah convinced me to come in Kooky Canuck for a beer.

Full photo album (34 pics) here. My camera seems to have trouble adjusting to lighting conditions at the Saucer.  Big thanks to Jessica, who did an AMAZING job as our server.  Several times, right as I finished the last sips of my Dos Equis Lager, she walked up with another one.  Also big thanks to my teammates who tipped generously.  I am proud to be around people who understand the importance of taking good care of our servers and bartenders.

And now it’s Sunday Fun Day.  Not hungry yet, so skipping brunch, but I’ll be at the Saucer at 12.  I’m sending “good Fire Sale” vibes that direction…

Sat update: Mpact party, Brazil party, Memphis on the Rocks, Lansky book, more

Allergies still killing me.  Probably as bad as yesterday morning, but without the added stress of a screaming alarm clock.  I’d go see a doctor, but I have a feeling I’d be told that consumption of large amounts of alcohol aggravates allergies.

MPACT Memphis will celebrate its 9th birthday Tuesday night with a happy hour at Bardog Tavern.  If you’re a member, there will be an open bar from 6 to 7, free appetizers, an open bar from 6 to 7, birthday cake, an open bar from 6 to 7, a chance to get plugged in to local nonprofits, and an open bar from 6 to 7.  If you’re not a member, click here to become one or to learn more about MPACT.  Attn trivia team:  There’s something about “open bar from 6 to 7” that makes me think I’ll be late getting to trivia.  Free appetizers?  Wonder if the Nuh-Uh Girl will show up.

If you’re a fan of Brazilian culture, there’s an “I Miss Brasil” party at TJ Mulligan’s Pinch tonight from 9 to 2, featuring Brazilian music, drinks, and dance.  No cover, but there will be a tip jar for the dancers.

The City Taste is putting together a “Memphis on the Rocks” party Thursday, June 24 at 409 S. Main.  It’s a casual, end-of-the week party with great food and great drinks, and a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Memphis YWCA.  To learn more click here.

After 65 years, Lansky Bros. at the Peabody has put together a book outlining its history.  The 144-page coffee table book is called Lansky Brothers: Clothier to the King.  Among the many stories you’ll find an account of how Lansky became clothier to its most famous customer, Elvis Presley.  You can pre-order through the link; it’ll be in the store late next week.

I’ve received info about the things that will be happening at South Main Trolley Night on Friday, but it’s probably worth a post of its own.  For now I’ll just say that it will be one of the biggest Trolley Nights in a while.

Outta here.  Big party tonight.  There may very well be photos.

Can you guess what she’s texting?

“omg omg omg the pbody rooftop is doing a jerzy shore nite i bet there are going to be lots of hott guys there i need to schedule a 6 hour tanning session to get ready then i need to buy a new outfit wall mart is having a sale”

Yep, it’s true… on Thursday, June 3 (not this coming Thursday but the next one), the theme of the weekly Peabody rooftop party will be Jersey Shore.  PBR and Sparks will be the featured beers, and the food buffet will consist of Coney Island hot dogs, cheddar popcorn, and onion rings.  In VIP there will be fried clam po-boys, fried fish fingers, and wheels of cheddar cheese.  The Mudflap Kings will be on stage, although I don’t think the band has anything to do with the theme.

Allergies nearly killed me this morning, so I called in… didn’t think my cubicle mates would appreciate listening to me sneeze 100 times.  The Walgreens version of Claritin-D has finally kicked in, and after a long nap I’m somewhat better now.  Unusual for it to be 3 PM before I pop open the first Mountain Dew of the day.  Anyway, that’s why there was no lunchtime post sometime between 11 and 2 today.

Inbox is approaching 100 messages again, and I see several things in there that look like they need to be in a future post… will go through them shortly.  But first, I think it’s time for another nap.

I learn… and I teach

Last night the Bluff City Brewers did a presentation at the Saucer.  Terry the manager called me over to meet them.  “It’s not hard at all to make your own beer,” they told me.  They went over the steps, and there were about two of them.

“So, let’s say there was a style of beer I liked,” I asked them.  “Maybe, cherry wheat.”  I love Sam Adams Cherry Wheat.

“You could brew it easily.  Just follow the steps and add cherry extract,” they told me.  “It would probably cost you $50 to make 48 bottles.  That’s about a dollar a bottle.  As compared to what it would cost here at the Saucer, which is…”

“WHOAAAAA!” Terry interjected.  “Let’s not sell him too hard on homebrewing.”

But you know what’s funny?

Look what the guy on the right is drinking.  That’s a “Paulie Lager,” a Dos Equis Lager with 8 limes.

I learn and I teach.


I had a blog topic ready to go tonight, but it will have to wait.  The only thing I feel like doing right now is extending condolences to the families of the two West Memphis PD officers who were killed in the line of the duty today, and get-well wishes to the two other officers, the sheriff, and the deputy who were injured.  I don’t know anyone on the West Memphis police force, but through the anti-panhandling efforts Downtown I’ve met many who serve for MPD, and I know first-hand there are some fine folks in uniform taking care of us.  I’m sure it’s the same way across the river.  Terrible, terrible incident and I wish a speedy recovery to those who were injured.