Saturday recap

I had previously promised to watch the USA vs. Ghana soccer game at Calhoun’s, if bartender Lauren would wear a tube top.  So I hopped on a trolley and got there at 12:30, right as they opened.  There were already a few people at the bar, including Mikey and John D.  As I grabbed a seat next to John D, I noticed that one person was missing – Lauren.  “She’s on her way,” the regulars told me.  I ordered a PBR.

25 minutes later, as I finished up my PBR, she still wasn’t there.  I checked her Facebook page and read that she wasn’t feeling well.  I was starting to suspect that the regulars knew she wasn’t coming in and were feeding me the “she’s on her way” line to keep me there.  I tabbed out and walked north to the Saucer.

Right after I ordered my first beer, I got a text from Mikey.  “Lauren’s here in a new red tube top and she’s mad that you aren’t here.  She bought it and wore it just for you.”

“Send photo,” was my response.  A couple of minutes later, I received photos of Lauren in a tube top.  She really was there!  The match was about to start, and a storm was threatening.  I texted back that I’d come there at halftime.

Saucer was not bad.  They had the sound on.  The bar was full, but it wasn’t packed to the point where there were long lines for the restroom or people constantly bumping me.  Management realized the place would be busy due to the game, and put three bartenders behind the bar instead of just one as they usually do on Saturday afternoon.

Halftime came, and I tabbed out and headed south.  As I walked south on Second, I saw a “stairway to nowhere” at Second and Vance.

Stairway to nowhere. This looks like something MATA would build.

I got to Calhoun’s, and sure enough, there was Lauren, in a red tube top.


I watched the second half, and the extra period that resulted when regulation ended in a 1-1 tie.  Ghana won in the extra period.  It’s a shame we’re eliminated, but Ghana played very well and deserved to advance.

After the game, I was hungry.  I’d been wanting to try Ferraro’s, the new pizza place in the Pinch, so I rode a trolley up there.  As I hopped off the trolley, my friends Suzy, Tammy and Lynn pulled up.  They were there to try the place too, so we grabbed a table outside.  I got the stromboli.

Stromboli @ Ferraro's

Stromboli was very good and I highly recommend it – it’s their signature item.  PBR on tap for $2.50 is a good thing too.  I bet before long, they have a good bar business in the evenings.

One suggestion I have for them, though, is to put a server on the floor to take orders.  You had to go to the bar to order everything.  When I went to get a second PBR I had to wait in line behind a guy who was taking 47.8 minutes to decide what he wanted on his pizza.  Empty PBR glass = not good.  That’s a minor issue, though.  Overall I very much enjoyed the place, and will be back for sure.  Here are a couple of pics of the outside of the building.

The front of the building
The side of the building

As we were eating, we noticed a cool-looking house across the street on Jackson, next door to Westy’s.  We were trying to figure out what’s up with the place – does anyone still live there?

House on Jackson, across from Ferraro's.

After that, I rode back to Lynn’s condo and we hung out on her patio.  She lives at the River Row condos at 107 S. Front.  They have a really cool patio/courtyard area, which I’d seen many times from the rooftop of Barton Flats but I’d never actually been there.  Had a good time hanging out, although it’s definitely mosquito season.  Time to buy some Off.

From there I went next door to Barton Flats, where my friends were on the roof.  I drank a beer and created a new Foursquare addict, then my friend Lee and I made a stop at the Saucer.  By then I’d been out for 13 hours straight, so I decided to call it a night.

Think I may take the netbook to the Saucer today so I can play a little poker online.  I had a good time playing in a Razz tournament yesterday.  Today I think I’ll try my hand at a Razz cash game.